Top 10 Best Waterproof Jacket for Women in 2022 Reviews

You are about to leave your office. The sky is dark, and you forget your raincoat at home. You are about to finish your work at home, and the paperwork is already all over. You HAVE to carry them home. You grab your jacket and run! When you are home, there you are. Soaking wet and fragile, those papers are ruined. You examine your jacket, and ahhh, it leaks. You know this would happen, but you were willing to take the risk. Never try it again while you can have one jacket that can totally saves your life. “Where can I find it? Does it even exist?” you ask. But you almost forget one thing. You’re in the right place that is about to answer your questions. Ladies and gentlemen! Here we present you with ten best waterproof jackets for women.

10. Mountain Hardwear Women’s Acadia Parka with Lightweight Waterproof Fabric

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Acadia Parka with Lightweight Waterproof Fabric for Rain Protection When...Get it now on

With Finder Parka, no single drop of water will ever touch your underneath. Even in the worst storm, this jacket will put your body in the best, warm hospitality along with perfect breathability. Extra warmth does come along with extra length while you can always feel comfy and cozy in the very low temperature. Wind and moisture are quickly repelled by the ripstone face fabric while you can adjust your shape with the elastic waistband. Only 410 grams in weight, this jacket is no burden to your body. Available in 5 different sizes and 4 hot colors, Finder Parka is by no doubt the best companion for every woman.

9. LOLE Women’s Glowing Jacket

LOLE Women's Glowing Jacket

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Pretty chic in terms of fashion, the LOLE absolutely changes your whole experience of wearing jacket. Removable hood in this belted beauty provides a smooth transition from balmy to bad weather. 98% cotton with 2% spandex, this jacket is entirely built to last. Adjustable hood allows you to customize your style as well as your comfort in warm or cold weather. The center-front zipper with two zipped hand pockets act as bodyguards to your lovely essentials like phones or watches. Besides its hot look, the LOLE Glowing Jacket is well designed in windproof, waterproof fabric along with a soft, brushed inner face. 6 different sizes and colors can be found along with this 32-inch jacket.

8. ExOfficio Women’s Ometti Trench Jacket

ExOfficio Women's Ometti Trench Jacket

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The next queen in the list is the Ometti Trench Jacket. With FlyQ 4-Pocket system and removable security zip pocket make sure your important, small stuff will never be out of sight. Durable Water Repellent and high strength stretch fabric guarantees you away from water leakage as well as harmful sunlight such as the UV. Highly customizable, the hood can be rolled up by 3 panel with stand up collar. Interior drawcord waistband helps improve your shape while the two front hand pockets are equipped with snap closure. 35.5 inches in length, the Ometti Trench Jacket can be your best guide in every situation.

7. Outdoor Research Women’s Envy Jacket

Outdoor Research Women's Envy Jacket

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What do we have here? Worry no more in jacket-sick when the Envy Jacket is highly breathable along with its adjustable and removable hood. Blending in graceful, sophisticated style, Envy Jacket surely does not just protect you but also boost your personal image. Hidden zip chest pockets allow the full privacy on your secret stuff along with the zippered hand pockets. Removable belt promotes personalization in which is the most favorable for every woman. Coming in 34 inches in length and 497 grams in weight, Envy Jacket does surely bring your whole look to an entire new level.

6. Royal Robbins Women’s Oakham Waterproof Jacket

Royal Robbins Women's Oakham Waterproof Jacket

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season rain jacket, it is called. Highly waterproof with zippered pockets, your necessities will never get soaked again. You can take the hood off when you don’t feel like it. Never in discomfort, you can freely breathe in the 10k/10k laminate and the 4-way stretch fabrics keeps your inside dry even if you are sweating. Such a plus, the Oakham Waterproof Jacket packs into its own pockets – perfect for all types of travel. The toxic byproducts are eliminated with the non-fluorinated Ec-0 DWR waterproofing treatment. Zippered hand pockets allow you to warm your hands as well as keep your essentials in sight. Chin guard is designed so that it can projects against chafing against the skin. Oakham Waterproof Jacket is the best companion for you in every bad, weekender, and vacationer.

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5. Columbia Women’s Evapouration Trench Interchange Jacket

Columbia Women's Evapouration Trench Interchange Jacket

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Built in rich woven fabric, this award-winning trench provides pure pleasure in dressing. The sleek-yet-warm liner jacket is a bonus with the long-lasting warmth of thermal-reflective technology. Fully waterproof with Omi-Tech, the trench also gives you full freedom in breathing. Never concern about getting soaked over the carpet while the jacket is perfectly designed in Omni-wick EVAP that allows advanced evaporation. Peripheral adjustability on the hood and adjustable waist promote customization while the drop tail adds such a better sense of fashion to your body. 3 hot colors can be found in 5 different sizes for the EVAP Trench Interchange Jacket.

4. GORE BIKE WEAR Lady´s Phantom Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket

GORE BIKE WEAR Lady´s Phantom Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket

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In 100% Polyester, the Phantom Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket is absolutely the best general in the storm batter. Built in versatile windproof soft shell which makes this trench perfect for all season and activities. WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell technology protects you from elements and highly promotes breathability. Feel free to make your movement while the detachable sleeves with easy access 3 compartment patch pockets bring you the best and luxurious fit. You are always alerted with the safety conscious reflectors on the front and back sleeves, and no more worry about washing since this trench is easy to clean in machine. Remarkably, this lovely Phantom Windstopper Jacket can be chosen in 7 marvelous colors.

3. Women’s Spirit insulated Jacket

Women's Spirit insulated Jacket

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With Hellytech Performance, the Spirit Jacket can fight in every kind of storm and rain without leaving a single scar on your body. The innovative HFlow system for turbocharged is designed to help regulating the temperature. Even though you are walking in the snow or under the sunlight, your body is always kept dry and warm. 2 ply fabric construction and mechanical stretch are full seam sealed with the Durable Water Repellency treatment. No snow cold reach your upper body while the snap away powder skirt is here. Available in 6 popular sizes, you can choose the Spirit from 1 from the 5 chic colors which meets your taste.

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2. Columbia Women’s Lookout View Jacket

Columbia Women's Lookout View Jacket

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Look what our runner-rup has for us today! With breathable design, the jacket allows passage of moisture-vapor from perspiration. Critical seam-sealed protection keeps your body dry while ban the water from leaking in. You move as much as you want since the regular fit is lightly relaxed fit for comfortable range of motion. Full-length zip with zipper garage helps balancing your temperature so you don’t feel too cold during winter and too hot during summer. Measures in 29 inches, Columbia Lookout View Jacket also comes in 6 hot colors.

1. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Toklat Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Women's Toklat JacketColumbia Sportswear Women's Toklat Jacket

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Just another Columbia! With Toklat Jacket, you don’t have to worry anymore about the stupid water leakage. Omni-Tech waterproof breathable technology and sealed seams fight for you in every kind of storm war while keeping your body in the whole and cozy comfort. Drop tail back make your whole figure even sexier while the zippered hand pockets assist you in dealing with all level of temperature. Draw cord adjustable hem allows you to customizes yourself based on your comfort and sense of style. Everyone deserves its best since it can be found in 5 popular sizes with 4 main colors: Black, Peat Moss, Red, and White.


How do you feel now? Do you have your nightmare away? Do you feel more confident in walking under the rain? It’s actually quite fun though. Of course, you have just gone through ten best waterproof jackets for 2022. Never let the case mentioned in the introduction ever happens while you can prevent it. Moreover, they are simply not just jackets. Not only protection, they always play a big role in improving your whole image. Quit hesitating and click order now! But be aware of one thing: they cannot protect your friends from getting JEALOUS.

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