Top 10 Best Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack in 2018 Reviews

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Bike storage tends to be a challenge for most people, but it does not have to be that way all the time.

In fact, are your bikes getting in the way?

Leaning them against the wall or leaving them on the floor is sometimes inconveniencing.

Therefore, if you need a practical solution for storing your bike, you might have to consider the best freestanding vertical bike rack.

These units are designed to provide an innovative and practical storage solution to create an organized and safe solution for your needs.

The following are some of the top units that we came across on the consumer market today:

10. Grid Bike Rack, Double Sided, 10-Bike Capacity Bike stand


Where performance is key, it’s important that you consider meaningful solutions each time.

This includes the Grid Bike rack that is perfect for mechanical purposes and with a unique material construction for durable performance.

It also comes with special chainstay mounts that can easily accommodate any bike.

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The manufacturers have also done well to include special aperture distances which provide a convenient storage approach for your needs.

9. Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand Bike Stand


Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand, Adjustable Height, Foldable Mechanic Repair Rack Bike Stand For...
  • This foldable bike stand is easy to store when not in use, easy to pack for touring and easy to...
  • Great for the home mechanic - For adjusting drive train or brakes, cleaning and other jobs.
  • Display in the store or at an exhibition - A perfect idea to display a bike in a store or at an...

The Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle stand is easy to store when not in use, and it’s also simple to pack for touring and simple setup benefits.

This bike hoist is also ideal for home mechanic purposes.

The unique design makes it the perfect solution for displaying bikes in a store or an exhibition.

It also has customizable chainstay mounts that can hold almost any type of bike.

The distance in between the mounts is customizable for convenient performance benefits.

8. Pick Up Truck Bed Box Mounted Carrier Stand Rack Bicycle by Titan Ramps


Titan Ramps Pick Up Truck Bed Box Mounted Carrier Stand 1 2 3 4 Bike Rack Bicycle transport
  • - Safely transport up to 4 bikes in pickup truck beds from 52.75" - 73" wide - Foam padding...
  • - Fast assembly no tools required - Steel tube frame
  • - Weight: 31 lbs - Adjustable width: 51" - 57"

Change the way in which you store your bikes by using the Pick Up Truck Bed Box Mounted Carrier.

It can safely transport as many as four bikes in a pickup and with foam padding that can be used to stabilize the wheels while protecting the bike from the frame.

It also provides a fast assembly with no tools required and with a super robust steel tube frame.

7. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand


Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand
  • Floor-rest bike stand
  • Stores 2 bikes in same or opposite directions
  • Constructed of tubular steel with durable epoxy finish; some assembly required

Improve your bike storage regime by using the Racor PBS-2R Two bike floor stand that can store as many as two bikes in the same or opposite directions.

This unit is also developed using a durable tubular steel material with an epoxy finish and with no assembly required.

The rack can be used to safely and securely store two bikes on the floor such that they won’t tip over and scratch your vehicle.

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More so, the unique design of the stand makes it simple to assemble and to hold the bikes in the same direction.

6. Goplus 5 Bike Rack Bicycle Garage Storage Organizer Cycling Rack


Goplus 5 Bike Rack Bicycle Stand Parking Garage Storage Organizer Cycling Rack Black
  • 【Durable Steel Construction】Made from thick steel, this bike storage stand has long-term...
  • 【Space Saving】The heavy duty construction provides safety and save space when bikes are not...
  • 【Provide Protection】This bike storage stand could protect bikes from scratches and damages from...

Using practical solutions is important in life.

This is why we recommend that you become practical when storing your bike considering the Goplus 5 bike rack.

This unit can be detachable to almost a parking rack.

More so, it also has a special steel frame construction that ensures years of reliable functionality.

It also a space-saving design and lightweight construction for added user benefits.

It also has a heavy duty construction that provides convenience and safety.

5. Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand


Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand
  • Wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4'' wide MTB
  • Spring loaded arm easily holds front or rear wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes
  • Hands free use allows you to roll bike into the wheel slot for storage or display

Make the most of your unique storage regime by using the Feeback Sports Bike Storage stand.

This rack is equally at home when displaying new bike models and even in retail locations as well.

With the inclusion of the spring-loaded arm, this bike will easily hold either the front or rear wheels without risks of scratching.

It can hold 20-millimeter road tires and as much as 2.4-inch wide mountain bike tires.

The base footprint measures large and with ergonomic features to match your unique performance needs.

4. Goplus New Two Bicycle Bike Stand Rack Cycling Rack


Goplus Two Bicycle Bike Stand Rack Cycling Rack Floor Storage Organizer
  • 【Durable Steel Construction】Frames are made of premium steel, which not only ensures the long...
  • 【Black Paint Finish】All frames are covered with high quality black paint, the rack resist in all...
  • 【Fits most tires】This two bikes floor rack fit most bike tires with dimensions 23.6'' x 21'' x...

Storing your bikes has never been easier than without the Goplus New Two bole cycling rack.

This unit can hold as many as two bikes and it also convenient for users to store bikes by using this mechanical unit.

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It also has a heavy-duty construction with dual purposes that provides convenience and safety for your storage needs.

It can also be used to protect your bike from scratches and damage associated with other products in the garage.

3. Grid Bike Rack, Double Sided, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel, 18-Bike Capacity


Improve your bike storage solutions at home by considering the Grid Bike Rack.

It comes with a durable design and unique apertures which provide optimal storage benefits.

The manufacturers have also done well to make it simple to assemble and with a special frame that has a galvanized finish.

Additionally, the unique ED zinc undercoat also provides an appealing design construction.

The bike rack is also fully functional in almost any type of setting.

2. Grid Bike Rack, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel, 5-Bike Capacity


Take your bike storage needs to the next level by using the Grid Bike Rack, which comprises of a durable tubular steel frame.

The frame features a galvanized finish which makes it perfect for various outdoor applications.

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the protective end caps for added bike safety and to hold the bike in upright position.

The rack works well to accommodate bikes on the side and with easy assembly for years of reliable performance benefits.

1. Hollywood Racks Dual Bike Commercial Parking Rack


Hollywood Racks Dual Use 5-10 Bike Commercial Parking Rack
  • Heavy Duty welded construction
  • Can be configured as a 10 bike double sided unit or 5 bike single sided unit
  • ED- Zinc undercoat with "plus park equipment grade" powder coat finish

Hollywood Racks have done it yet again with the release of this particular bike rack that has a heavy-duty welded construction.

It can be configured as a ten bike double-sided unit or as a five bike single sided unit.

Best of all, the ED zinc undercoat that has a special plus part equipment grade with powder coat finish.

It can also be easily connected to additional units to provide additional bike parking capacity and benefits.


When it comes to storing your mechanical items, it’s important that you choose practical and fully functional solutions.

We have made this process much easier for your bike storage needs by recommending some of the best freestanding vertical bike racks.

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