Top 10 Most Durable Floor Bicycle Stands in 2018 Reviews

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Owning a bicycle is exciting especially because you not only get to lose weight but you also get to save money and add years to your life. The challenge, however, presents itself when you want to store it especially if you have a small apartment or you are using it to go to work. Fortunately, the bicycle industry has provided a solution to this by providing the consumer with durable floor bicycle stands.

Bike stands enable the cyclist to store their bike safely whether indoors or outdoors. Bike racks have different storage capacities. There are those that can store only one bike, and some can store up to six bikes in one compact space. They also differ in the material used to make them. Some are made from rubber while others are made from steel.

Below is the review of the most durable floor bicycle stands that will blow your mind.

10. Swagman Hang It Bike Hanger

With a maximum height of 9 feet, the Swagman Hang It Bike Hanger is convenient for anyone looking to store their bike vertically. It is easy to install, and you can easily take your bike on or off. It is designed to accommodate two bikes of varying sizes. The hooks of the rack are height adjustable.

9. Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand
  • Store 4 bikes in one compact space
  • Adjustable bikes fit all bikes for level bike storage
  • Easy assembly without tools. Vinyl-coated cradles protect bikes

If you are not handy with tools, you don’t have to worry about assembling a rack from scratch. Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity stand is one of the most durable floor bike stands, and it requires no tools to assemble. It can store up to 4 bikes. It is made from heavy metal which makes it durable. It sits upright. Therefore, it is most suitable for small spaces.

8. Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack

Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack
  • Great for bicycle storage in home, garage or apartment
  • Patented design folds up out of the way when not in use.
  • Also works as a repair stand

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to store your bike or looking to save some space, Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack has this covered. It stores two bikes without taking much space. It comes fully assembled and takes only one wood screw to install it. When not in use you can fold it up and store. Because it is zinc-plated, it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

7. HOMEE Bicycle Wall Hook Rack Holder Hanger Stand Bike Storage System for Garage/Shed

The HOMEE Bicycle Wall Hook Rack Holder is so easy to install that within 5 minutes after delivery you could be hanging your bike. It is suitable for all kinds of bikes, and the rubber padding protects the bike from scratch. It has a load capacity of 60lb. It is made from strong steel making it more durable. It has a locking mechanism that prevents accidental release.

6. Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand

Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand, Adjustable Height, Foldable Mechanic Repair Rack Bike Stand For...
  • This foldable bike stand is easy to store when not in use, easy to pack for touring and easy to...
  • Great for the home mechanic - For adjusting drive train or brakes, cleaning and other jobs.
  • Display in the store or at an exhibition - A perfect idea to display a bike in a store or at an...

Traveling with a bicycle can be challenging when it comes to storage. This bike stand folds easily, and it’s even easier to pack when touring. It has adjustable chain mounts. It is ideal for parking your bike at work and can fit most bikes.

5. Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand

Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand
  • Wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4'' wide MTB
  • Spring loaded arm easily holds front or rear wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes
  • Hands free use allows you to roll bike into the wheel slot for storage or display

This stand comes fully assembled. It has a spring-loaded arm that holds the bike firmly in place. It holds the bike in an upright position.

4. Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack, Stores 6 Bikes

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack, Stores 6 Bikes
  • Each bike hook supports up to 75lbs
  • Steel Components all powder coated
  • Hooks slide on bar for easy adjustability

This storage rack would be most convenient for a family or roommates looking to store their bikes in the area and save space. The Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack stores six bikes in one space freeing up room in your home. The rack is strong and can hold up to 200lbs. The hooks are plastic coated to prevent scratching.

3. Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack

You can easily reclaim floor space in your garage by using this rack. The hooks are molded with rubber to protect the bike rim from scratching. The epoxy finish ensures it is resistant to rust and corrosion. The Racor B-IR Solo Vertical Bike Rack has a security loop which accepts cable lock ensuring your bike is safe from theft.

2. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand
  • Floor-rest bike stand
  • Stores 2 bikes in same or opposite directions
  • Constructed of tubular steel with durable epoxy finish; some assembly required

This stand is a floor-rest bicycle stand. It can store two bikes. It’s easy to assemble, and no installation is needed. It’s made from steel making it one of the most durable floor bicycle stand on the market. You can store up to four bikes on this stand.

1. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack

Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand
  • Leans against wall - no attachment required
  • Features Easy-Adjust arms to accommodate any bike
  • Dimensions: 83 x 19.75 x 16 Inches, Maximum Load 80lbs (35kgs)

This bike storage rack can hold up to 80lbs. It has easily adjustable arms that can accommodate any bike. It is attractive and can be assembled within minutes. It stands on its own against the wall, and no attachment is required.


Bike stands make it easier for cyclists to store their bikes and save more space in the garage, home or even work place. This guide takes you through the most durable floor bike stands so that you are not stuck when you are purchasing one. Choose one today and save yourself the headache of having to move your bike now and then.

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