Top 10 Best Pallet Trucks for Heavy Duty in 2018 Reviews

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For those who are not aware, pallet trucks otherwise referred to as pallet jacks, pump trucks or skid jacks, are special lifting tools. In particular, these tools are used to lift pallets or skids of goods as well. A good pallet truck should embody certain features. Some of these features include a swivel pump handle, two forks, squeeze trigger and wheels for optimal maneuverability benefits. More so, some of the high-end version contain hydraulic cylinders or battery powered motors for raising or lowering the forks. Other pallet trucks also come with customizable push rods on the bottom section of each form. This makes it simple to adjust the height to suit your needs. Consider some of the following top pallet truck brands:

10. Bannon Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack Truck — 6600-Lb. Capacity

Bannon Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack Truck — 6600-Lb. Capacity
  • Ideal for moving pallets in a garage, shop, warehouse or convenience store
  • Whole casting hydraulic pump and nonmarking 7in. polyurethane-coated wheels allow easy lifting and...
  • 3-position hand control includes raise, lower and neutral settings

Discover the excellence of the Bannon Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Track. This machine has been designed to be ideal for moving pallets in a garage, shop, and warehouse for optimal convenience. Besides that, the whole casting hydraulic pump and non-marking 7-inch wheels provide easy lifting. This unit also has a three position hand control that comes with a raise, low and neutral setting. With the rounded and tapered triple cast steel forks, this unit is durable enough for your needs.

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9. Goplus Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck Heavy Duty Jack 27″x48″ 5500LBS Capacity

Goplus Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck Heavy Duty Jack 27"x48" 5500LBS Capacity
  • 【Heavy-duty Construction】 Goplus Pallet Truck is made of high tensile steel, which is resistant...
  • 【Ergonomic handle Control】 Goplus pallet truck has a large easy-to-use ergonomic handle, which...
  • 【Exquisite Craftsmanship】 Weldless integrated pump ensure no leakage; Galvanized pallet jack...

The GoPlus Hydraulic Hand pallet is made using high tensile steel which is resistant to wear and corrosion. This unit has a weight capacity of 5500lbs, and it can be used to lift pallets easily and smoothly. With the inclusion of ergonomic handle control, this unit provides optimal comfort and ease of operation benefits. This pallet truck also has a weldless integrated pump to ensure no leakage and it’s also very durable.

8. Eoslift E20V Value Scale Pallet Truck 27X48″ 4400lb. Capacity

Eoslift E20V Value Scale Pallet Truck 27X48" 4400lb. Capacity
  • 4400 lbs. capacity 27 x 48" forks min. Fork height of 3" max scale inaccuracy: 0.05%
  • Graduation: 2 lbs. pre-set factory calibration with user-calibration capability
  • Power supply: Two 900mah cr2447 button cell battery life: 300 operating hours

Searching for a good pallet truck? Well, consider the Eoslift Value Scale Pallet Truck that is simple to use and customize. The unique power supply provides as much as 300 operating hours and its durable as well. The keypad function is also convenient, and the scale is very simple to read and use. This unit also has a three position hand control that comes with a raise, low and neutral setting. This Value Scale packet is also ample sized and with a brightly lit LCD which can be customized.

7. Wesco Industrial Products 272149 Economizer Pallet Truck with Handle

Wesco Industrial Products 272149 Economizer Pallet Truck with Handle, Polyurethane Wheels, 4400 lb....
  • Pallet truck for lifting and transporting pallets
  • Steel for resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Polyurethane wheels for resistance to impact and wear

Take your pallet lifting experience to the next level by using the Wesco Industrial Products Pallet Truck with handle. It comes with a pump handle and polyurethane wheels that are durable. With the inclusion of the powder coated finish, this unit can resist the effects of scratches, fading and various other types of wear. It also has a loop-shaped pump handle that can be used to jack up the forks and to maneuver the pallet truck.

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6. Mighty Lift ML55C Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck, Wheels, Polyurethane on Steel

Mighty Lift ML55C Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck, Wheels, Polyurethane on Steel, 50" Height, 27"...
  • Galvanized, one piece pallet jack truck pump for extreme durability even in harsh environment....
  • Overload release valve will protect the pallet jack truck from over loading by opening the release...
  • Ergonomic handle comes with protective, shock absorbing coating for better user experience

Lifting heavy items are no longer difficult especially with the Might Lift ML55C heavy duty pallet truck. This unit comes with a galvanized one-piece jack truck pump for optimal durability. More so, the inclusion of German seal kits does well to ensure smooth and quick lifting benefits. Thanks to the inclusion of an overload release valve, this pallet truck help reduce overloading. It also has ergonomic handles that have protective and shock absorbing coatings.

5. Pallet Jack Scale Truck with Weight Indicator 4400 Lb. Capacity

If you have pallets to move around, the Pallet Jack Scale with a weight indicator is the perfect solution for your needs. It has a patented frame mounted sensor that can measure the deflection caused by displays that average at 4400lbs. This unit also has polyurethane steer wheels, and it requires minimal recalibration to achieve optimal functionality. The heavy-duty construction provides long-lasting performance.

4. Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All-Terrain Pallet Truck

Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All-Terrain Pallet Truck, Yellow, 2000 lb. Capacity, Overall Dimensions 65" Width...
  • Three position handle makes operation easy
  • Unique design easily rolls on pneumatic tires
  • Welded steel tubular frame construction provides maximum strength

Take your pallet lifting regimen to the next level by using the Vestil ALL T-2-48 all terrain pallet truck. It comes with a three position handle which makes operation a simple process. Besides that, the unique design rolls very easily on the pneumatic tires. Users will also appreciate the welded steel tubular frame construction that guarantees optimal strength. The inclusion of sealed bearing wheels will provide optimal dust protection and improved life.

3. Big Joe Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

Consider the Big Joe Semi Electric Pallet Truck that has an exceptional weight capacity level of 300lbs. This pallet truck also has ergonomic handles, and it has been designed to be very mobile as well. Furthermore, the inclusion of the polyurethane drive wheel provides optimal durability regardless of you’re the terrain you are working in. Also this best pallet truck has a durable steel construction that suits various lifting applications. It is also simple to use which makes it suitable for any warehouse.

2. JET PTW-2748 6000 lb. Pallet Truck, 27-Inch by 48-Inch

Jet PTW-2748 27X48 6000 lb Pallet Truck
  • Capacity: 6, 000 pounds; one-piece cast iron pump has a built-in valve that lowers the material in a...
  • Turning radius: 200 degrees; poly over aluminum 7 x 2 inch steer wheels ensure contact with uneven...
  • Overload protection ball valve prevents lifting loads past maximum capacity; steer wheels feature...

With the JET PTW-2748 Pallet truck, you can be sure of the perfect solution for transporting heavy items. This unit has a 6000-pound capacity and with a 200 degree, turning radius which lets you maneuver easily in tight spaces. Besides that, the solid push steel rods never require any adjustment which makes it perfect. It also has an articulating 7-inch poly over wheels which will provide optimal contact even on uneven floors.

1. Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack / Hand Pallet Truck 27×48 5000 lb

Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack/Hand Pallet Truck 27x48 5000 lb
  • Industry-leading quality, durability and support
  • 3 year warranty and service simplicity with easily replaceable and readily available parts
  • 27" overall fork width (14.4" between forks). 48" long forks with 2.95" fork clearance

Make your mechanical projects much easier by using the CROWN PTH heavy-duty pallet truck. It has an industry-leading design that offers optimal support and durability benefits. Besides that, this unit has an ergonomic handle and a three-position lever with raise. The inclusion of the 7-inch articulated wheels with a 200-degree swing handle makes it suitable pallet truck for your needs. This unit also has a heavy gauge steel design and construction for long-lasting value.


In summary, owning the appropriate mechanical solutions is important, especially if you have to move heavy items around. Based on our immense research, these are some of the best pallet trucks for heavy duty. These things are durable, and they make it simple to move pallets or heavy items around. Consider getting one for your needs today.

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