Top 10 Best Short Sleeves Women’s Polo Shirts for Workout in 2024 Reviews

Finding the best short sleeves women’s polo shirts for workouts just got a whole lot easier! As a matter of fact, you just fell in the right hands. We are dedicated to finding the best quality products on the market within very competitive markets. We believe that having to buy an item again that was damaged, defective, or poor quality is not only frustrating, but time consuming, careless on the manufacturers part, and could end up costing you more money. We research websites, mission statements, warranty info, customer reviews, industry rank, videos, and anything else we can get our hands on to find the best quality products on the market for you. It is our job to keep you out of the hands of companies and products that aren’t holding their weight, and put you in the hands of our industry leaders, assuring that you stay satisfied with your purchases. We take great pride in our work, and every product we recommend is a successful one with happy customers. These top 10 best short sleeves women’s Polo shirts for workouts have been carefully selected with you and your loved ones in mind, and we only pick items that are the best of the best!

10. Monterey Club Women’s Ultimate Solid Sleeveless Polo

Monterey Club Women's Sleeveless Pique Solid Polo Shirt #2064 (Red, X-Large)Get it now on

Monterey Club Women’s Ultimate Solid Sleeveless Polo shirt is reasonably priced, 5 star rated, and built by a company that deliberately leads their industry. For over 30 years, Monterey Club has been producing top quality active apparel, and their testimonials page showed remarks from previous customers that could be summed up into one word. Respect. Monterey Club sells directly to golf clubs and country clubs/resorts, and they are said to design the best products available, with excellent prices. 97% polyester and 3% spandex for a comfortable fit all day, and built for high performance women who do not need anything getting in their way!

9. Monterey Club Ladies’ Dry Swing Hi-Low Contrast Zipped up Collar #2325

Monterey Club Ladies' Dry Swing Hi-Low Contrast Zipped up Collar #2325

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Monterey Club Ladies Dry Swing Sleeveless Hi-Low Contrast Zipped up Collar 2326 is made of 100% polyester, has short sleeves, and is built for performance by an industry leader. You should find the price accommodating, and the Monetrey Club Ladies Dry Swing shirt is a favorite of active women on various sales channels. Built for performance, and good for sports, workouts, and in general women that stay on the go! Top quality design and built to last with a look you can wear everywhere! Monterey Club is a leading designer of performance clothes, and have very prestigious clients that wouldn’t put up with careless mistakes… They aim high, focus on quality and integrity, and offer some of the most durable and dedicated gear in the industry.

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8. WOMEN’S AMBITION POLO Holloway Sportswear

WOMEN'S AMBITION POLO Holloway Sportswear

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The WOMEN’S AMBITION POLO Holloway Sportswear first caught our eye because it is nice looking, and the ratings were higher than all its competitors. Designed and manufactured by Holloway, an impressive and respected company that has been aimed for the stars since 1946. Dry-Excel Perform Textured Stripe and Dry-Excel Elite Twill Interlock, offer a high level of movement for the active types that are always on the go. Excellent for workouts and rated 4.7 stars, this shirt hits right on the mark in terms of performance, the customers are satisfied (with comments across the board), and as far as durability goes… this shirt is specifically built to last.

7. Augusta Sportswear Womens 1055

Augusta Sportswear 1055 Women's Premier Jersey, Black/White, MediumGet it now on

The Augusta Sportswear Women’s Premier Sports Shirt is rated 3.9 stars, but thank goodness, we look harder than just their ratings. We were curious after reading their website, which has all of the signs of an amazing, caring, company who had a storybook ending and respects it… Why they are getting a 3.9 instead of a 4.6. What we found out is that some people know how to shop for their size, and some people do not. These shirts are designed for active women, and a hiding 5.0 star review with the customers that actually bought the right size. Companies, groups, organizations, and clubs trust this brand, and use them repeatedly for embroidering and company logos! 100% polyester, built to last, and professional enough for various types of activity. Nice try for trying to slip this one by us!

6. NIKE Women’s Dry Victory Polo

NIKE Women's Dry Victory Polo

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The NIKE Women’s Dry Victory Polo is undoubtedly designed by the industry leader in customer satisfaction across multiple industries. I won’t get into a long spill about Nike, because you already know we love them. This shirt runs a little small, so if you have a few extra pounds, you probably want to go up a size. Made to keep you dry and comfortable, with hem vents for increased mobility, and a 5-button placket that lets you adjust your fit. The textured look is professional/sporty, and Nike designed these for active types, specifically. This will make a perfect workout shirt whether you are home or at the gym, and as always, Nike continues their hard work to bring us their best work in every product they make!

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5. Callaway Women’s Short Sleeve Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo

Callaway Women's Short Sleeve Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo

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The Callaway Women’s Short Sleeve Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo is an example setter. From first sight this shirt is designed for active women. The design is sharp, professional and nonrestrictive. 100% polyester, and Optidry/Optivent technology that transfers moisture away from the body and gives excellent air flow for workouts!. Callaway taylor made this shirt for women who need to be comfortable, in control, and unrestricted when they workout.

4. Women’s Dri-Equip Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo

Women's Dri-Equip Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo

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The Women’s Dri-Equip Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo is available in 20 colors, all sizes, and is durable and built for performance. 4.1 star rated, a known favorite on Amazon, and manufactured by Joes USA, who deliberately goes out of his way to get us the best quality, for lowest price. Joes USA takes pride in their work, and is a visible business model within their industry. Customers are smiling and bragging that these shirts are comfortable, built specifically fit and freedom, and that they are great for workouts. 100% poly interlock, adjustable fit, and open cuff sleeves for an unrestricted level of control, and unmatched comfort.

3. Hanes Sport Women’s Cool DRI Performance Polo

Hanes Sport Women's Cool DRI Performance Polo

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The Hanes Sport Women’s Cool DRI Performance Polo is 4.3 star rated favorite with over 300 happy customers on Amazon, which comes as no surprise from Hanes, one of our known industry leaders. Hanes has been a go-to source for assured quality for quite some time, as we all well know. Hanes has been around since 1901, and they set out for one thing. They wanted to be the best. Dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Hanes is the largest worldwide manufacturer of basic apparel. 100% polyester, rapid dry interlock, and jersey knit to wick moisture away from the body, and allow airflow to cool you down. Adjustable, 3 button placket, and 50+ UV protection. If you look closely, this shirt is built just for active women. It’s snug, stretchy, and allows airflow, making it idea for working out, running, Pilates, etc. Price to accommodate, and from one of our favorite companies, you’re not going to go wrong with Hanes.

2. Sport-Tek Women’s Side Blocked Micropique Sport Wick Polo

Sport-Tek Women's Side Blocked Micropique Sport Wick Polo

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The Sport-Tek Women’s Side Blocked Micropique Sport Wick Polo is designed for comfort and style, as well as superior performance. This shirt is a favorite on Amazon, and has a 4.3-star rating with 83% of customers bragging. If you count the customers that may be at fault for not accommodating for differences in weight of figure when they buy, you would probably have near a 5.0 rating here. Let’s look at the facts. This shirt is designed by a company that takes pride in their work, doesn’t want unhappy customers. They goes out of their way to design products that will carry these standards on to their customers. This is a 100% polyester women’s performance polo, made deliberately snag resistant, moisture wicking, and tag free for comfort. Double needle stitching throughout, meaning it is built perfectly for active women of all types, and its going to hold up under the toughest conditions. No indications here of a frown coming. Sport-Tek is known for top-quality products!

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1. DRI-EQUIP Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos

DRI-EQUIP Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos

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DRI-EQUIP Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos are designed for performance, built to last, and a known favorite of many due to the fact that it works like a sports shirt, yet sets you free to do all your other running. Moisture wicking and Dry-Equip technology keep moisture away from you body, and the ball in your court through workouts, running, and anything else you have planned throughout your days. 100% polyester, 3 button adjustable and snag resistant as well. This polo is durable, comes in a variety of colors, and has a 4.4-star rating, meaning it is a quality pick. Joe’s USA is a trusted manufacturer of quality products, and has a respected place across multiple industries.

Final Thoughts

We all have our favorites. Sometimes what it takes to find them is a little drastic, but we find them. We understand what you’re going through out there. We know you need the right performance gear to work out, and we understand that you have a billion things to do, and would rather not spend all of your time and money on products that won’t hold up. That’s we we research the best brands, the best sellers, find out what customers are saying, and literally a TON of other research before we finally settle on who goes in our top 10 lists. The performance Polo shirts that made our list made it there because they are the best of the best, and are keeping customers coming back. Our best overall pick would have to be Monterey Club 2326, because of the amount of women that swear by it. For budgets, Hanes has good prices and quality down pat, you can’t go wrong with them, but for the most part, in the end it will your personal preference what shirt you go with. All of our choices are based on facts, and not opinions, or favoritism of any kind. Play hard!

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Best Budget Best Short Sleeves Women’s Polo Shirts for Workouts

Hanes Sport Women's Cool DRI Performance Polo,White,Medium
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  • QUICK DRY - Hanes Sport women’s polo shirt features innovative Cool DRI technology, allowing the...
  • BUTTON PLACKET - This women’s polo shirt is accented with a classic three-button placket and welt...

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