Top 10 Best Ice Auger for Ice Fishing in 2020 Reviews

This article gives an insight of the best ice auger for ice fishing which are meant to last for long offering durable and quality services. These products are praised ad rated by customers who have seen their significant results when they are trying to do ice fishing in the field. They come in affordable prices that features all traits of your taste.

10. Eskimo High Compression 4o Cc Propane with 10 Inch Quantum Ice Auger

Eskimo HC40Q10 High Compression 40cc Propane with 10-Inch Quantum Ice AugerGet it now on

It is designed from ground up creating an auger which is a both powerful and lightweight. Comes with an engine that task is full advantage of the higher octane rating of propane fuel. Small package creates more power due to higher compression ratio. Powerful high compression engine will promise performance for years when paired with all the metal sealed ball bearing transmission and 2 blade quantum which cuts ice very fast.

9. Eskimo High Compression 40cc Propane with 8 Inch Quantum Ice Auger

Eskimo HC40Q8 High Compression 40cc Propane with 8-Inch Quantum Ice AugerGet it now on

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This product has an auto prime system that gives you an experience to never prime the engine before it starts; in this case you just flip switch to turn it on and begin drilling. Comes with a quick release bottle holder that holds up to 1lb of propane to facilitate running and enhance action on the ice. Has a high compression 40 cc 4 cylinder engine that works in a relative speed to influence drilling actions. Auger diameter and length is 8 inch and 42 inch respectively.

8. Strike Master Lithium Lazers Electric Auger

StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer Electric Auger 10''Get it now on

The device has an updated circuitry to provide consistent speed and torque without reduced power. It features an electric motor which is powered by a 50 volt ion battery with a new reinforced switch. This good is also equipped with full size still drill and twin stainless blades. It has transmission and poly gear casting that delivers maximum efficiency with it also retaining its lightweight trait.

7. Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand AugerGet it now on

This good features powerful and strong chrome-alloy stainless blades which is able to work on all conditions. Its coating is of powder coating to prevent and also reduce ice from building up. Soft rubber grips that facilitate comfortable grip to prevent overstraining. Handle system is ergonomic in design that make operations effective on more solid ice possible. Handle adjusts from 48” to 57” to provide maximum strength.

6. Eskimo QT8N Power Ice Auger Bit with 8 Inch Quantum Blades

Eskimo QT8N Power Ice Auger Bit with 8-Inch Quantum BladesGet it now on

Comes with serrated cutting edge of quantum blades which are designed to easily chip away ice when drilling. Its cutting surface is optimized with symmetrical dual blades which creates smoothest and most controlled cut. Get yourself protected by blade protector that keeps you safe and keep it well protected. Features a centering ring that regulates how much ice that is cut in one evolution making through from ice to water smoothly.

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5. Strike Master Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand AugerGet it now on

The device is made of alloy carbon steel blades that are durable without shading off or getting worn out easily. The blades are also non corrosive. Ice buildup is reduced by a powder coating paint. It adjusts handle from 48” to 57” to offer you an opportunity to apply different intensities of force applied. Soft rubber material on the handles has incorporated a design that provides increased gripping control and drilling with ease.

4. ION 40V Amp-hour Electric 8 Inch Ice Auger

ION 19150 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger, with ReverseGet it now on

This product is of lightweight making it easy to carry with only 21 pounds. Some of the traits that influence its effectiveness includes handlebar that is of wide spaced design, and larger trigger button which allows comfort and ease of operation. It is of steel construction which aids to drill 8 inch diameter holes. No more use of force because this item comes with a charger that aids charge its battery to provide power for operation.

3. Strike Master Lithium Chipper Auger

StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper Auger 10.25'Get it now on

It’s a device that is environment friendly with zero emissions. Features an easy on and off removable lithium ion battery of 50 volts. The item has boron steel chipper blade that are very strong to drill down the ice and promote great operations. This item has heat transmission treated steer gears that may reduce shading off after a long time use.

2. Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger with 6-Inch Dual Flat Blades

Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger with 6-Inch Dual Flat BladesGet it now on

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The device easily cuts through ice to create clean fishing holes giving you an opportunity to stop fighting with ice. It works in high speed whereby getting through thick stuff is made easy. Features standard blades that are straight are for long life. It is easy to assemble and dissemble with cross bolt fastener system. Pommel design offers great grip to enhance handling this powerful and strong item that drills fast thick ice.

1. Eskimo Shark 71cc with 10inch Quantum Ice Auger

No products found.No products found.

This good is quick and easy to control leading to less time drilling and offer more time in fishing. The product includes primer button for quick response starting, muffler guard to protect you from areas that are hot and see through gas tank for easy detection of gas level. It has industry first aluminum handlebars designed with rubber coated grips of 45 degrees to allow ideal writs motion when drilling holes on ice. Possesses viper engine which is very easy to start and operate.


Do not use traditional methods that will lead you to be highly exhausted or use more power because either of the above mentioned devices are meant to simplify your work. The devices are meant to last for long giving you a great experience ever of drilling into ice. Consider purchasing one of the products that will always give the best. They come to you in prices that are affordable according to your preference. Spend on the above items and you will never feel disappointed.

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