Top 10 Best Telemark Ski Boots in 2022 Reviews

If you were looking for the absolute best telemark ski boots that you could get your hands on, we have 10 pairs that you won’t want to miss! We’ve listened to industry professionals, read customer reviews, researched manufacturers websites, and read “about us” pages, visions, missions, and company histories, until finally came up with our top 10 list. Every one of the pairs of boots listed below is of immaculate quality. Most of our top picks are backed by manufacturers that really care about what they do, and have been respected in this industry for years. We specifically picked boots that were built for performance and speed, and we also considered durability, comfort, and maneuverability as well. We want you to be as comfortable as possible out there, because if you get sore feet after a couple of hours and have to suffer through the rest of your trip… it really makes life miserable. Hopefully, our research will help keep you out of harm’s way while you are out there cutting it up! Happy hunting!

10. Black Diamond Swift Ski Boots – Women’s

Black Diamond Swift Ski Boots - Women's

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Black Diamond Stiletto Ski Boots – What more could you ask for in a boot? Black Diamond has been around since 1957, and takes great pride in their work. All Black Diamond products are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The black diamond Swift ski boots are female specific, meaning that they have a woman’s Power Fit Light liner with lightweight 3:1 Boa closure system, specifically fit to cradle the female foot and leg. With the Boa Closure System, your foot and ankle will be pulled back into the heel of the boot, creating superior comfort, and allowing maximum control. These boots are lightweight and will get you around all day without weighing you down, and the locking Quickwire cuff buckles allow versatility in a variety of situations. The frame design is a Triax Performance Frame with Flex 100 and MidStiff bellows and a 102 mm V-shaped last, reducing friction, and keeping you on top of your work. The reviews are great across the board for all Black Diamond products, and they are a respected name brand in both the winter sports gear, and apparel industries.

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9. Scarpa TX Pro Boot – Men’s

Scarpa TX Pro Boot - Men's

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Scarpa TX Pro Boot – SCARPA is a company that has been around since 1938 and has since grown into one of the most trusted names in performance footwear. These teleboots are said to be “one of the best-remaining teleboots on the market for long-distance backcountry touring” by previous buyers, and they come highly recommended literally every time you see or hear them mentioned. SCARPA boasts that the TX Pro boots have no “duckbill” that frees up your agility, increasing performance and comfort. The TX Pros have a triple injection foot and a Bi-injection cuff that work together to provide extra performance, as well as a dual injected edge guard that protects against bellows. There is a Q-link mid strap incorporated that secures your foot into place, taking your maneuverability and performance to new levels. SCARPA has been in business since 1938, and are considered a top manufacturer of high quality sports gear. One-year manufacturer’s warranty!

8. SCARPA T2 Eco Telemark Boot

SCARPA T2 Eco Telemark Boot

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The Scarpa T2 Eco Boot incorporates a triple action shell that uses a plant-based Pebax Rnew material. They’ve improved the liner with an Intuition Performance Flex G liner for ultimate comfort and carefree control. The three-buckle design and power strap securely snug your foot into place, increasing performance and providing all-day comfort. SCARPA products are highly rated by previous customers, and all SCARPA products are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. SCARPA is a very respectable, family-owned business that has been delivering top of the line products since before some of us were even born. They are regarded highly as respected engineers of fine quality products across multiple industries.

7. SCARPA T2 Eco Boot – Women’s

SCARPA T2 Eco Boot - Women’s

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The SCARPA T2 Eco Boot is the same boot as I just described above, but this one is made for women. This boot provides a last and cuff designed specifically to fit the female foot, and a triple density foot grip for next to perfect flex and lateral stability. Extra pair of edge guards are included, and the T2 boots come highly recommended from previous buyers. The T2 Eco Boots for women come in a lovely two-tone blue, and will make a perfect new favorite boot for someone.

6. Scott Voodoo 75mm Telemark Boot – Men’s Blue/Green

Scott Voodoo 75mm Telemark Boot - Men's Blue/Green

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The Scott Voodoo 75mm Telemark Boots are Powertour boots, meaning that the multi-injected internal pod is developed with cutouts, giving maximum comfort and relief to areas of the feet that would normally suffer during longer ski trips. This boot has no tongue, with a continuous overlap that creates a seamless shell, improving touring by naturalizing rotating and allowing more freedom than any other known tongue design. Made for superior lateral and torsion rigidity, this boot is built for performance and speed. It has a solid progressive forward flex, and will undoubtedly put a positive spin on your touring. The Scott Voodoo boots have reinforced padding and a Moccasin toe construction, as well as a thin outsole making them ultra-lightweight and durable. Scott Sports spent a lot of time designing this boot, and they are said by previous owners to give fantastic comfort and performance!

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5. Scarpa Terminator X Pro Ski Boots

Scarpa Terminator X Pro Ski Boots

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SCARPA Terminator X Pro Ski Boots are what SCARPA is calling “the most versatile offering in their quiver.” The Terminator X Pros are designed to be comfortable and fast, while they are also perfectly fit for maximum maneuverability and better overall performance. SCARPA has incorporated an active power strap for incredible performance, and Dynalift tech fittings that allow you to ski free or fixed heel with the same boot. The Terminator X Pro has been designed with a pivoting tongue, allowing you to get in and out easily, and an Intuition Speed Pro G liner, that offers you what pros are calling “no sacrifice comfort” The Pro G liner has been literally boasted about in reviews across the web. SCARPA has been in the manufacturing industry designing (above) industry standard performance gear since 1938, and they mean business.

4. Apex Ski boots MC-S All Mountain Sport 2014, Mondo 26.0

Apex Ski boots MC-S All Mountain Sport 2014, Mondo 26.0

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The Apex Ski boots MC-S All Mountain Sport 2014, Mondo 26.0 – Simple, well thought out and deliberately unique, Alpine claims that the Apex ski boot is designed for all mountain skiing. Specifically engineered to be less stressful when on your steps and kicks, this boot is made to increase your performance and maneuverability at the same time. You have a rigid outer chassis and a Boa closure system, together creating a superior hold on your foot and ankle to keep you in place for the ride. Customer reviews are high, stating that this is a very comfortable boot, and that it is sufficient for any type of skiing or boarding. The Apex company was founded by Roger Neely, an industry veteran and respected figure in the winter sports game. Don’t forget to sign up for your warranty on the manufacturer’s website!

3. Scarpa T1 Telemark Ski Boot

Scarpa T1 Telemark Ski Boot

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The Scarpa T1 Telemark Ski Boot is known as an attention getter! With a Dual-density cuff and foot that increases control, and four buckles along with an active strap, to ensure that your feet are undeniably snug and secure in your boots. These boots are perfectly manufactured, sharp looking, and comfortable. The T1 boot design has an Intuition Speed Pro G liner, and a PowerBlock tour mechanism that provides unmatched responsiveness and easy walking. A Torsion frame and Zero-rocker soles top these bad boys off, and you will find as many others have, that the whole SCARPA line is a force to reckoned with. All SCARPA products are manufactured with the finest materials on the open market and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Garmont Prophet NTN Ski Boot

Garmont Prophet NTN Ski Boot

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The Garmont Prophet NTN Ski Boot sits at the top of its class. This is a free heel ski boot with a Power Wrap overlap design that is engineered specifically for comfort and durability. Integrated ski brakes help to keep the skis fastened, while three wide-open buckles and an accessible binding entry allows you easy access. These boots are designed to provide all-day comfort, while not interfering with your performance. The Garmont Prophet NTN ski boot is “designed to follow the anatomy of the foot and lower leg to produce a crisp performance” according to the manufacturer. Garmont has been in business since 1964, and now are a respected name brand in over 35 countries, so rest assured, you will be getting a top-quality product when you buy from them.

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1. Scarpa T4 Ski Boots

Scarpa T4 Ski Boots

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Scarpa T4 Ski Boots are manufactured to be lightweight and durable, at the same time as being built for speed and performance. The T4’s are built with a Torsion Beam that allows lateral control that is unsurpassed. Incorporated is a ski/walk mechanism that makes it easier to maneuver through different situations, and an ergonomic bellow for great flex even on extreme terrains. 4.3-star rated by its 10 previous buyers, with lots of compliments. This is a good-looking boot by a reputable manufacturer that specializes in performance ski gear. Manufacturer’s warranty standard with all SCARPA products. Just reminding you again!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the research that we have done will shed some light on who’s who and what’s what in the telemark ski boot industry. Most of the name brands listed above have been around a very long time, and have been respected names in their industry for most of that time. We tried to pick the most comfortable boots because it can actually cause health problems with your feet if you wear shoes that are too big for a long enough time. Not paying close enough attention to the way your boots fit can cause ingrown toenails, and it can also cause your foot to pronate, or spread out and become malformed, causing more pain and more complications down the road. We also know that speed, performance, and maneuverability are super important to you when you’re out there grinding. Every one of the points we checked for in our research were either met, or surpassed by every pair of boots on our list, so they should be more than enough get you through any type of skiing… for any amount of time… and comfortably!


Make sure you get your boot fitted at a professional ski shop or boot fitting shop… that’s very important. The reviews we read were ironically funny. Polyurethane is not like a leather shoe that you can break in. If you do not get your boots fitted, do not blame the products, from here on out, that would be an “I told you so!” HAPPY SKIING~~!

Best Overall Telemark Ski Boots

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Best Budget Telemark Ski Boots


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