Top 10 Best Boat Steering Cable Replacement in 2020 Reviews

Have you ever had a hard time finding the best boat steering cable? Have you ever felt cheated with the cable that you spent quite a price on but returned with such a poor quality? Steering cable is quite necessary to every boat owner, and it has to be strong and good to ensure the maximum performance of the boat. However, searching for the best of the best is not easy task since there are hundreds of them available. Worry no more! You are on the right place, and we’re hereby to present you with the top 10 best boat steering cable replacement.

10. Baystar Kit, HK4200A-3, Hydraulic Steering Kit with Compact Cylinder with 20′ Tubing

Dometic SeaStar HK4200A-3 BayStar Hydraulic Kit w/Compact Cylinder, 20' TubingGet it now on

Brought to you by the manufacturers of SeaStar, BayStar™˙hydraulic steering promotes the installation of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to MAX. With the combination with the superior SeaStar Solutions design team, BayStar continues in bringing comfort and safety to boating with the rigid ISO quality control and teamed with the finest materials and precision manufacturing. A super low friction helm is integrated for smooth comfortable steering while a balanced cylinder features a compact design that fits most splashwells. Two lengths of 20’ cut to fit tubing, two bottles of hydraulic steering fluid, and one fill tube are added for supplies and easy fill and purge.

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9. SeaStar CC332XX Red, 33C Control Cable with Stainless Steel 10-32 Threaded Ends

Dometic SeaStar Control Cable, CC3320XXGet it now on

Another premium delivered by SeaStar! The OEM and Aftermarket Control Cable is designed to meet the SeaStar Solutions and other Controls which accept “Universal” type 10-32 Threaded Cable Ends. Perfect for environment, this cable has been environmentally tested for Marine Applications. Corrosion protection and durability are promised with the integration of Stainless Steel Terminals and Conduit Fittings, as well as Stainless Steel Lubri-Core wires with Moisture Protective Seals while the heavy, red HDPE Outer Jacket resists abrasion and withstands the effects of UV, salt water, chemicals, gasoline and oil.

8. Valterra TC96PB 96″ Cable with Valve Handle

Valterra TC96PB Waste Valve Cable with Valve Handle - 96'Get it now on

Install valve handle wherever you want with the 96″ Flexible cable. With the inner wires constructed of stainless steel, you can be ensured with the best quality ever offered. This cable allows for easy access waste valve handles while workings with Valterra and Bladex cable valves. Replacement cable with handle comes pre-bagged with the installation guidelines included.

7. Stens 290-867 Control Cable, Replaces MTD: 746-0555, 946-0555, Fits MTD: walk behind mowers 1990 and newer, 62″ Cable Length

Stens 290-867 Control Cable, Replaces MTD: 746-0555, 946-0555, Fits MTD: Walk Behind mowers 1990 and...Get it now on

You can put your trust in Stens 290-867 Control Cable. With 62 inches in length and 2.0 ounces in weight, this cable comes in the fits model of MTD, walk behind mowers 1990 and newer. The cable ends bend in letter Z on each end while the conduit length is 55 inches long. The replacement is a very thing to do as a speculative fix which is much easier than checking if the carburetor or fuel lines are blocked. In such a price, you are promised with the best quality of cable you ever imagine.

6. SeaStar CC205XX 1979 to date, 479 Type OMC/Evinrude/Johnson Control Cable

SeaStar CC205XX 1979 to Date, 479 Type OMC/Evinrude/Johnson Control CableGet it now on

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Present the SeaStar CC205XX Control Cable! Constructed in Stainless Steel Terminals and Conduit Fittings, the core wires are covered in stainless or nylon with Moisture Protective Seals for added corrosion protection and longer life. Perfect for all condition, the effects of UV, salt water, chemicals, gasoline and oil are withstood by the durable HDPE Outer Jacket which also resists abrasion. Coming in 8” Minimum Bend Radius, this drop-in replacement cable is engineered as Replacements for Original Equipment Cable.

5. Stens 290-727 Control Cable, Replaces AYP: 181699, Husqvarna: 532181699, 57-1/2″ Cable Length

Stens 290-727 Control Cable, Replaces AYP: 181699, Husqvarna: 532181699, 57-1/2' Cable LengthGet it now on

Coming in 57.5 inches in length, this Stens 290-727 Control Cable ensures you with the best experience in cabling. The cable ends are designed in letter Z with one end bending and spring on other while the conduit comes in 39.5 in length. Engineered in smooth solid build, no adjustments need for perfect fit. You can easily install on old sears weed trimmer just like OEM while the price is quite distinguishable.

4. SeaStar SSC154 SeaStar XTREME Single Rack Cable

Teleflex SSC15412 TFXtreme Marine Rack CableGet it now on

With SeaStar SSC154, you get the smoothest and lowest steering effort mechanical helm offered in the market place. Easy installation is promoted by the quick connect feature on both steering cable and spent travel tube while the installation can be in the same mounting pattern and bracket location as current SeaStar Solutions® steering systems. Lower backlash is offered with the extra efficiency than a steering cable. The design of the helm allows higher loads to be placed into the cable requiring this new design cable. More than 10 sizes are available in SeaStar SSC154.

3. SeaStar CCX179xx XTREME Mercury 600A Type Control Cable

Dometic SeaStar Xtreme Control Cable, CCX179XXGet it now on

Welcome the SeaStar XTREME CCX179xx control cable! Designed for the direct replacement for the Mercury OEM 600A style cables, it is used as Mercury, MerCruiser, Mariner and most Force engines. The minimum bend radius is up to 4-inch long versus the 8-inch minimum bend radius for standard cables. The Super Touch HDPE Jacket comes in 0.34-inch used to resist abrasion and withstands the effects of UV, salt water, chemicals, gasoline and oil. With such features, this cable is perfect for performance/bass boats and designed for Complex and/or Long Cable Runs (or to simply create a superior feel).

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2. SeaStar CCX633xx XTREME 3300/33C Type Control Cable with 10-32 Threaded Ends

Teleflex CCX63307 TFXtreme Marine Control CableGet it now on

Designed as an OEM Direct-Replacement Type Control Cable for SeaStar Solutions and Other Controls, SeaStar CCX633xx accepts “Universal” type 10-32 threaded cable ends. The 4-inch minimum bend radius of XTREME Control Cables is against the 8-inch minimum bend radius of standard cables. Perfect for foot throttle applications on performance/bass boats and Designed for Complex and/or Long Cable Runs while the 0.34-inch Super Touch HDPE Jacket resists abrasion and withstands the effects of UV, salt water, chemicals, gasoline and oil.

1. SeaStar SS137xx Safe-T Quick Connect Rotary Steering System

Seastar SS137xx Safe-T Quick Connect Rotary Steering SystemGet it now on

Designed to all SeaStar Solutions Safe-T helms made since 1968 with little or no dash modifications, Safe-T QC accepts wheels up to 16” diameter, standard 3/4” round tapered steering shaft which is for single station only. Durability is ensured with the stainless steel with the quick-responses of 3 turns lock-to-lock. Installation can be undertaken within minutes. Simple connection can be taken with SeaStar Solutions Quick Connect (QC) cable, and industry-standard Safe-T mounting hardware. For extra credentials can be found with the certification requirements of A.B.Y.C. standards and N.M.M.A.


Stress yourself no more in finding the best cable for your boat with reasonable price. Never again that you have to blame yourself for making another wrong choice in just choosing the cable. Our top ten boat steering cables provide you with the premium performances while securing the safety and durability. You can feel secure in investing your money in them. If you still feel hesitated, feel free to go over each item again. But, don’t forget you are only one click away from owning one of the most fantastic boat steering cables in 2020.

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