Top 10 Best Manual Toothbrushes for Kids in 2020 Reviews

Oral health is very important for everyone. However, kids do not always take care of their oral health. Neglect in taking care of it could lead to severe oral issue. Therefore, parents should take care of their children’s oral health. But how can they do that? It starts with choosing the most suitable and perfect toothbrush for their kids. It is not difficult to do so. Continue reading the article and you will find out the top ten best of the best manual toothbrushes for kids in 2020.

10. Oral-B Sensi-Soft Toothbrush Twin Pack

Oral-B Sensi-Soft Toothbrush, Extra Soft, 2 CountGet it now on

First off, let me introduce you to a twin pack toothbrush from Oral-B Sensi. Come in two toothbrushes per set, Oral-B allows you to save your time from ordering the toothbrush. Made from high quality materials, the 0.3 ounces toothbrush is known for extreme soft. Have the optimum capacity in cleaning teeth as well as gum. The light blue handle has the anti-slippery feature allowing you to hold it conveniently. Quit all your hesitation, use Oral-B Sensi-Soft Toothbrush to establish a perfect and healthy teeth for your baby.

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9. Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Manual Toothbrush

Oral-B Kid's Toothbrush featuring Disney's Frozen, Soft Bristles, for Children and Toddlers 3+, 1...Get it now on

Oral-B, the world’s most recommended toothbrush from the dentists, also creates another well-designed and functional toothbrush. Embellished with finding dory, the toothbrush is ideal for the kids whose age is between 5 and 7. The ultra-soft brush enables the kids to brush their teeth comfortable without concerning of hurting their gum. It has the ability to clean from the front till the end of the teeth, thanks to the soft tip bristle. The 0.8 ounces toothbrush is attached with the tongue cleaner unable kids to not only clean their teeth but also their tongue. Care about your kid’s oral health, don’t forget Oral-B.

8. Brush Buddies Peppa Pig 2 Pack Toothbrush

Brush Buddies Peppa Pig 2 Pack ToothbrushGet it now on

If your kids are into Peppa Pig, then Brush Buddies would be the best option for you. Come in 2 toothbrushes per set, the 1.6 ounces toothbrush is known for its efficiency. Suitable for every child to use as it features with the lenient bristles. The toothbrush’s dimension is only 2 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches which is perfect for every kid to use it. Don’t hesitate, for your kid’s beautiful smile, don’t forget Brush Buddies.

7. PRO-SYS® Kids Toothbrush (Colorful 4-Pack)

PRO-SYS® Kids Toothbrush (Colorful 4-Pack) - Made with Soft Dupont® bristles (Ages 2-5 for...Get it now on

Just as the name suggested, PRO-SYS® comes in 4 toothbrushes per set. The efficient toothbrush is designed in a lively and colorful color, yellow, pink, blue and green. The curve body accompanied by the grip handle allows the kids to hold the toothbrush comfortably. Made from the ultimate softness bristles, it is convenient and well-suited for the kids to brush their teeth using the toothbrush. Weight only 4 ounces, the fur-like toothbrush is faultless for the kids.

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6. Firefly Toothbrush

Firefly Toothbrush - Care Bears - 3Get it now on

Firefly Toothbrush is attractive for the kids who are into Care-Bares. The 1.6 ounces toothbrush comes in the packet of three. Featured with dual color on the bristles, the kids find it convenient to put the toothpaste and brush their tee with it. The softness of the bristles contributes to the perfect clean for the teeth and the hurt-free function for the gum. The grip-able toothbrush is excellent for every kid whose age is from 2 to 4 years old.

5. Dr. Fresh peanuts snoopy toothbrush

Dr. Fresh peanuts snoopy toothbrush for kids, 4 per pack (Pack of 2)Get it now on

Most kids like snoopy, right? In case your kids also like snoopy, then Dr. Fresh peanuts snoopy toothbrush would be the best choice for you. Comes in the pack of 4, the 2.4 ounces toothbrush is recognized for its efficient and effective feature. With recognition from ADA, the toothbrush is great for kids to use it as it features with ultra-soft DuPoint bristle along with the grip handle. Make you children feel comfortable holding the toothbrush; don’t forget the colorful Dr. Fresh peanuts snoopy toothbrush.

4. Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Avengers Assemble Toothbrushes

Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Avengers Assemble Toothbrushes (Soft) 5-7 Years, Twin PackGet it now on

There is no other toothbrushes that are more effective and easy to use than Oral-B Pro-Health Avengers Assemble Toothbrushes. Created using high quality materials such as ultimate soft bristle, tongue cleaner, and perfect grip handle, the toothbrush is ideal for kids whose age is from 5 to 7 years old. Come in the pack of 2, parents can just other one time and get 2 brushes. Designed with Avengers, the 1.6 ounces toothbrush is best for boys.

3. Dr. Fresh Marvel Heroes Suction Cup Toothbrushes

Dr. Fresh Marvel Heroes Suction Cup Toothbrushes Characters May Vary 4 eaGet it now on

Meet with another toothbrush from Dr. Fresh Marvel. Designed with the wave or curvy handle along with the picture of the hero, the toothbrush is perfect for kids to hold it. The 4 per set toothbrush is renounced for its tiny head and DuPoint bristles unable the kids to have clean and healthy mouth and teeth. It has the dimension of only 8.1 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches along with the weight of 1.44 ounces.

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2. Oral-B Pulsar Vivid Soft Toothbrush

Oral-B Pulsar 3d White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush Twin Pack (Colors May Vary)Get it now on

There is no toothbrush that is more innovative than Oral-B Pulsar vivid soft toothbrush. Made with vibrating head, the toothbrush is guaranteed to remove all you stain and bacteria from your mouth. Moving and vibrating in the moderate speed, the toothbrush is perfect for cleaning your teeth, create the most beautiful smile out of your mouth and no effects to you gum tissue. The 3.2 ounces toothbrush uses battery to function for a very long time.

1. RADIUS Totz Toothbrush for 18 Months +

RADIUS Toddler Toothbrush Totz Brush, Extra Soft - 3 Pack in Assorted Colors, BPA Free and ADA...Get it now on

We are sure to keep the best for the last. Meet with another colorful and well-functioning toothbrush from Radius Totz. The big rounded grip handles enables the kids whose age is from 18 month or above to hold it conveniently. The softness of the 8,000 bristles is perfect for new the kids. Made from supreme quality materials such as BPA, latex, lead and other materials, the toothbrush is recognized for its thorough cleaning and non-harmful to gum tissue.


In short, we have described about the top ten best of the best toothbrush for children. We have gone through the features, functions, as well as the material used to create the product. Think of your children’ perfect smile for the future, think of the ten toothbrushes. Concern about your child’s oral health, think of the ten toothbrushes from the above article.

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