Top 10 Best Healthy Pillows of 2022 Review

Just like a mattress, a pillow is also vital for a good sleep, and this is something most people ignore, and many are the times when they even fail to buy pillows let alone purchasing the right pillow for the correct sleeping posture. A pillow is essential, especially if you care about your spinal alignment, neck, back and a night of good night sleep. There are many types of pillows available in the market, and these pillows offer different benefits for different kinds of sleepers, so while looking for a pillow, you should go for one that can help you meet your sleeping needs. Here is a review that can help you choose the right pillow for your sleep.

10. Shredded Memory Foam

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This is a memory foam pillow which provides sleepers with cooling effect while sleeping. The pillow is also hypoallergenic and is perfect for all types of sleepers, and provides relief for neck, back and shoulder pain. The pillow is also protected with an outer cover which is also removable; this, therefore, helps in making it easier for the user to adjust the thickness to get the comfort he is looking for. The most exciting thing about this pillow is that it is washable; however, the method of washing should be dry cleaning.

9. Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

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This is a cervical pillow which helps in relieving shoulders, neck and head pain; in addition to that, it also helps in spinal alignment. This is one pillow that will always retain its shape even after regular use, and that is why it is the perfect pillow to offer you continuous support and relief while sleeping. The pillow comes in an ideal size hence providing its users with an exceptional experience.

8. Dream Rite Memory Pillow

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This pillow is 80% shredded memory foam and 20% polyester. With this pillow, you can sleep as much as you want without worrying about the neck and shoulder pains. It also has removable fillings which provide the users with a unique sleeping experience. It’s premium fabric enables it to be a beatable and cool pillow. In addition to this, it is a hypoallergenic pillow; this means that the users are provided with high quality as well as safe night sleep while using the pillow.

7. Epabo memory pillow

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This pillow is best for neck pain and therapeutic relief. With this pillow, you will always wake up fully recharged and energetic to take up the day. It is made from high-quality fabric to keep you comfortable throughout the night. The contour design provides perfect alignment and support for your neck, head and shoulder and back. You will quickly fall to sleep comfortably and more in-depth. The high-quality fabric material provides better air circulation to keep your body dry and cool.

6. Beckham gel pillow

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This pillow has luxury linens crafted in a comfortable gel fiber that makes this pillow to stand out. It is designed to make sure you get maximum seep from any sleeping position. It doesn’t have a shift construction which causes it to be the best place to have a rest after a busy day. This pillow is stylish, incredibly comfortable and luxurious. You will fall asleep in a few minutes. It is free from any chemicals and allergens; this means it will not subject you to any respiratory issues. This pillow is also stained and fade resistant meaning you will be able to it fie along period without having to replace it. This pillow is easy to wash.

5. Royal therapy pillows

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It is made from a high concentration of fibers from bamboo. It is designed to take the unique shape of your body to offer comfort to your head and neck. Royal therapy pillow gives your neck and head even support. The bamboo pillow ads another luxury by distributing pressure to all parts of the head and neck. It helps with sound sleep; the spinal cord provides proper alignment of the airways, thus producing sound sleep. It has a hygienic cover that provides a safe and non-toxic environment to your sleep.

4. Eden adjustable pillow

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This is a perfect pillow for those who spend their night tossing; it helps in aligning their body and giving them a peaceful and comfortable night sleep. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, so for those who are allergic to fist and motes have something to count on. The pillow comes with a lightweight fabric which allows you to change the shape of the pillow to your preference. In addition to this, it is a perfect pillow for both side and back sleepers; this is the pillow you should consider.

3. Snuggle pedic pillow

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This is a breathable, hypoallergenic pillow which is perfect for those with allergy issues. Apart from that, the pillow is also non-toxic, so it is one of the safest pillows you can find in the market. The pillow also comes with a bamboo outer cover which makes it the best breathable pillow in the market. The pillow also comes in three sizes, so you have the opportunity to choose the size of your preference.

2. Premium hypoallergic certipur pillow

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This pillow is one of the best you can get out there m it gives you an opportunity to rejuvenating and refreshing sleep. It made from 100% shredded foam. It provides excellent support to your head, shoulder and neck, offering you the best sleep experience.

1. Z zoned pillow

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This is an odor and moisture free pillow that is a complete relief for those with neck issues while sleeping. With this pillow, you will be able to get the best neck as well as spinal alignment while sleeping. If you are looking for neck pain relief while sleeping, then you should consider this pillow. It is also one of the most magnificent pillows for those with asthma, sensitive skin and allergies.


As you have seen the pillows above, the all bring benefits to the user. While making your purchase, only choose the pillow that goes online with your sleeping positions, you don’t want to choose a pillow that can only be used by a back sleeper when you are a side sleeper, this won’t give you the good night sleep you are looking for.

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