Top 10 Best Battery Operated Toothbrush for Kids in 2020 Reviews

Are you having a hard time persuading your babies to brush their teeth regularly? Or are you looking for a fun and thoughtful gift for nieces, nephews or friends’ kids in their upcoming birthday and festivities? No more stressful shopping or internet surfing because we’ve got you covered. There is no better way to keep young children orally healthy in the most cheerful way with our recommended products. Check out our 10 Best Battery Operated Toothbrush for Kids 2020 review below.

10.Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Battery Brush 3+ featuring Finding Dory

Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Battery Powered Kids Toothbrush featuring Disney's Finding Dory, Extra Soft...Get it now on

Claiming the tenth spot is our The Oral-B Pro-Health Stages power toothbrush featuring characters from Disney’s “Finding Dory”, which is designed with ergonomic handle for children’s small hands. Its rotating power toothbrush head reaches, surrounds and thoroughly cleans multiple surfaces. Its extra-soft bristles cleans as gently as a soft manual brush so no more crying from young children. Give your own little explorer(s) the power to shine brighter with Crest Pro-Health + Oral-B Stages who will help them practice proper oral care habits that will last them a lifetime.

9. Firefly Turbo Power Battery Toothbrush, Barbie

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The Firefly Barbie Turbo Power Battery Toothbrush features vibrating action for deep cleaning while the massaging action stimulates gums. Its soft bristles are gentle on gums and teeth yet provides a thorough cleaning for your babies’ teeth. The fun and beautiful Barbie character ensures your little one will not get bored. Let’s Firefly creates good oral care habits at an early age for your loved ones by entertaining them into good oral care habits!

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8. Firefly Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Kids Toothbrush, Soft, 1-Count

Firefly Kids Toothbrush, Soft - Darth Vader LightsaberGet it now on

Are your kids into Star Wars? Or do you want to introduce them to this epic movie series? Inspired by the character from Star Wars movies, this lightsaber toothbrush keeps children entertained with real-voice sound effects and cool light-up effets like Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Its soft, rounded, premium DuPoint Timex bristles are gentle on children’s teeth while proving a thorough cleaning. Its 1-minute light up timer and sound effects helps build good brushing habits and teach kids the dentist-recommended time for proper cleaning of each row of teeth. Its ergonomic handle makes this lightsaber fun and easy to use. So get yourself ready to hear all the WOW from your boys and girls.

7.Baby Sonic Toothbrush (2-4 Years Old) Toddles Electric Toothbrush Battery Toothbrushes Oral Care 3 Tooth Brush Heads

Lucktao First Soniclean Baby Teething Toothbrush Toddles LED Light Waterproof Electric Toothbrush...Get it now on

Baby Sonic Toothbrush will make an awesome Dental tutor for your kids. It features soft dupont nylon bristle that protects children’s tender gums. It is capable of performing 1600 strokes per minutes and every 30 seconds it reminds the kids to switch the brushing area to avoid overbrushing. Its waterproof IPX7 Cute design make the baby enjoy brushing teeth so there is no loss in investing in Baby Sonic Toothbrush for your toddles.

6. Baby Electric Toothbrush,Ckeyin Latest Style Battery Operated Waterproof Sonic Electric Toothbrush With LED Light

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Its tiny brush head with super soft bristle, easy-grip handle makes it most suitable for users 4 years old and below. Its brush head is perfect for small mouths. Even better, it can withstand any dropping banging etc. Its waterproof “start” button makes it extra safe for children. It reminds kids every 30 seconds and have 2-minute automatic shutdown function. Moreover, with LED light, it makes it convenient for parents to check the baby’s oral health problem. No more worry about sensor issues and makes your baby love brushing their teeth with Baby Electric Toothbrush.

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5. Sonic Toothbrush Portable Battery Operated, 2 Toothbrushes With 4 FREE Brush Heads, Children and Adults.

Sonic Wave Battery Toothbrush Portable, 2 Toothbrushes with 4 EXTRA Brush Heads. Clean teeth for...Get it now on

Sonic technology is a great option for both kids and seniors since it is known to be gentle on the gums. It performs massage vibration mode for teeth, tongue and gums which gives a soft and comfortable thorough cleaning.The sonic system brushes at high-speed creating extreme vibration. This powers mouth fluids into the areas between teeth and below the gum line. It extends the movement beyond the actual brushing contact points (about one eighth of an inch). The result is these areas are given an amount of attention that otherwise would not happen with a standard or oscillating toothbrush. So in that sense, a sonic brush is definitely superior to a standard brush. It ergonomic soft rubber anti-slip handle provides easy and comfortable grip for children and adults. With Sonic technology, no more gums and enamel damages but better mega smile.

4. Oral-B Pro-Health Battery Power Electric Toothbrush for Kids (for children age 3+)

Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Battery Powered Kid's Toothbrush featuring Disney's Frozen, Soft, 1 ctGet it now on

This worldwide recommended by dentists product is suitable for children age 3 and above. Its rotating powerhead reaches, surrounds and thoroughly cleans multiple tooth and mouth surfaces while gently cleans. Its ergonomic handle is designed for children;s small hands. So, let Elsa and Anna or Olaf and Sven from Disney’s “Frozen” featured on Oral-B Pro-Health Battery Power Electric Toothbrush entertain your kids while they are keeping up their oral health.

3. Colgate Kids Minions Talking Battery Powered Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Interactive Talking Toothbrush, Minions (Colors Vary)Get it now on

Its unique design features a small, oscillating head with extra-soft bristles and a slim handle that’s easy for small hands to hold. This item is available in different designs to encourage kids to take care of their teeth. It has a 2-minute toothbrush timer and a congratulation at the end for your kids to keep them engaged with this fun process. This interactive talking battery powered toothbrush lies flat to allow children to easily apply toothpaste. Now with Minions guiding your little children through their toothbrushing route, you don’t have to do the talking and you can do the videos and selfies for them.

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2. Brusheez Children’s Electronic Toothbrush Set – Includes Battery-Powered Toothbrush

Brusheez Kid's Electric Toothbrush Set (Safari Edition) - Snappy The Croc - Includes Battery-Powered...Get it now on

This complete set comes with everything young brushers ages 3 and up need to maintain a bright smile and healthy gums including a battery-powered toothbrush, protective brush cover, rinse cup, and extra brush head. Best of all, Brusheez includes a fun two-minute sand timer that offers the perfect visual cue for brushing the entire time that children’s dentists recommend. Its soft head rotates at 4000rpm for a safe and effective brushing experience. It also comes with an extra head to remind the children to replace their old brush head every 3 months and a brushing chart to help them keep track of their morning and evening brushing. Get your lovely children a set of this cute and colorful animal-themed set to promote good brushing habits in their early stage.

1. Oral-B Pro-Health Disney Star Wars Battery Power Electric Toothbrush for Kids, Characters/Color May Vary (for children age 3+)

Oral-B Kids Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush Featuring Disney STAR WARS with Extra Soft Bristles,...Get it now on

This toothbrush is Compatible with the Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B to help kids brush longer starting today. Its rotating brush head can reach, surround and cleans thoroughly multiply surfaces without causing any disturbance to your boys and girls. The raised center-row bristles help clean chewing surfaces. Make tomorrow a better day for younger ones and yourself by picking your favourite Star Wars character and make order with Oral-B.


With a long list of wide range of products, we hope you will choose one of these affordable battery operated toothbrush for your younger ones and elderlies. There is no better way to encourage your younger children to maintain their routine than having one of these cute, fun and creative products as their coach. With a few of these in their bathroom, you might be surprised find them brushing their teeth after dinner while you are enjoying their quality time with your adult friends in the living room. You can also treat yourself to one and let the brush does the necessary work for you. Even better, no more trips to dental clinic for your family.

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