Top 10 Best Bicycle Hangers for Garage Ceiling in 2020 Reviews

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With a good storage mechanism for your bike, you will no longer have to worry about how to store your bike with compromising the space in your garage.

One of the best places for you to start would be with the best bicycle hangers for garage ceiling.

These hangers comprise of various types of unique design features which make them perfect for storing your bike.

This includes powerful motors, ergonomic features, and excellence weight capacities among many others.

We considered all these features and more when reviewing these best hangers for storing your bikes.

10. Garage Gator GGR125 Capacity Residential Motorized Storage System

Garage Gator GGR125 125-Pound Capacity Residential Motorized Storage SystemGet it now on

Store your bike with optimal convenience by using the Garage Gator GGR125 Pound CA Storage system.

This unit can be activated with just the simple push of a button, which will raise the bikes up to the ceiling for convenient storage.

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The garage gator is also simple to install, and it allows one individual to handle the installation process.

It can also be plugged into a conventional 11-volt outlet to provide silent performance and dependable power for your needs.

The GGR125 also comes with a hand controlled switch, which is connected to the motor hoist through a special flex cord.

9. 1-Bike Elevation Garage Bicycle Hoist

Discount Ramps 1-Bike Elevation Garage Bicycle HoistGet it now on

Let yourself enjoy the convenience of using a good bike storage mechanism such as the Bike Elevation Garage BicycLE Hoist.

This unit is simple to mount to the garage or shed ceiling.

More so, it also comes with a unique pulley driven system, that can hoist your bicycle up to 13 feet out of the way convenient storage.

The entire set also comes with adjustable claws which are simple to integrate to the bicycle seat and handlebars for optimal support.

8. RAD Cycle Products Highest Quality Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Hoist

RAD Cycle products Rail Mount Bike and Ladder Lift for Your Garage or Workshop Holds up to 75 Pounds...Get it now on

Looking for a convenient solution for storing your bikes? Well, consider, the RAD Cycle Products, which is designed with high-quality rubber coating to protect your bike from any scratches.

Besides that, it also has a robust engineering that allows users to lift heavy bikes with ease.

The four ceiling can rise to as much as 12 ft, and the bike also comprises of a safe locking mechanism that prevents any accidental release.

7. ZipBike Bike Lift Hoist- Premium Ceiling Mounted Mountain Bicycle Hoist

ZipBike Bike Lift Hoist- Premium Ceiling Mounted Mountain Bicycle Hoist For Garage Storage- Top...Get it now on

Change the way in which you store your bike by using the Zipbike Lift Hoist.

This hoist lets you store your bike effortlessly and with a sturdy design to match your performance needs.

Besides that, it also has an ergonomic design which allows for convenient lifting benefits.

It also has a durable and reliable design, which ensures optimal storage performance.

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The inclusion of the sturdy ripe, and rubber coated hooks on this durable bike make it reliable for years of performance.

6. Arltb Bike Lift Hoist for Garage Bicycle Ceiling

Arltb Bike Lift Hoist for Garage Bicycle Ceiling Hoist Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift Pulley Hanging...Get it now on

Discover the excellence of the Arltb Bike Hoist that is designed to save pace and to provide optimal hoisting benefits.

It comes with a powerful pulley system that allows for easy hanging, and the hoist is simple to hang on almost any type of location.

The strong construction makes it durable for use and the steel construction provide optimal durability benefits.

It also has a special safety lock that reduces the effects of any accidental release.

5. Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike Hoist

Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike HoistGet it now on

Feel what it takes to store your bike by using meaningful solutions such as the Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist.

This hoist provides an exceptional mechanical advantage that provides convenient lifting benefits.

More so, this unit is also available with special slings that provide gentle support to the bicycle frame.

It also installs with ease on the conventional solid wood joist or concrete ceiling as well.

4. Bike Lane Products Bike Lane Bicycle Storage Lift Bike Hoist

Bike Lane Products Bicycle Hoist 2-Pack Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even...Get it now on

The Bike Lane Products Storage lift bike comes with special rubber coated hooks which are designed with protective rubber for optimal performance.

This unit is simple to install and to mount on your ceiling joist with only a minimum amount of tools you have for your kayak.

It also comprises of a robust engineered design that lets you lift heavy products of as much as 100lbs.

Best of all, this mount is designed for an indoor ceiling of as much a 12 ft for optimal lifting convenience.

3. Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

Racor - PBH-1R, Bike Storage, Garage Pulley LiftGet it now on

Make the most of your bike riding regime by using the Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift.

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This unit will let you lift ceiling mounts for as much as 12 feet high and with a special pulley system that hoists bikes of as much as 50 pounds to the ceiling.

With its robust steel construction and nylon rope, this bike requires no assembly.

The entire set comprises of a special pulley system, rack and mounting system for optimal convenience.

2. FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Storage Rack

FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack Heavy Duty, 96' Length...Get it now on

Equip yourself with the FLEXIMOUNTS Storage rack that is safe with long ceiling brackets that can be attached to studs for optimal convenience.

This storage hanger is also combined with as many as six vertical posts to make it the ideal structure to ensure safety.

It also has a top quality screw design that has been exposed to various types of tests.

The inclusion of the cold rolled steel construction ensures optimal safety loading of bike weights that average at as much as 600lbs.

1. RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mountain Bicycle Hoist

2004 2-Pack RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mtn Bicycle Hoist 100LB CapGet it now on

Get a two pack of some of the highest selling bikes hoist available by investing in the RAD cycle products bike lift.

It comes with smooth pulleys and latches, which make lifting even the heaviest of bikes a simple procedure.

With the inclusion of the exclusive rope locking mechanism, this does well to prevent the effects of any unwanted release and it can also suspend one bike, with a 100lb limit.


When it comes to storing your bike, there are various types of meaningful techniques that you consider.

By considering some o the best bicycle hangers for garage ceiling, you can easily achieve all your unique bike storage goals.

We have reviewed some of these top units for you to consider for the best results each time.

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