Top 10 Best Alpine Touring Skis in 2024 Reviews

The best alpine touring skis are easy to pick out. There are reputable manufacturers that have been in the ski industry for years that specialize in skis of all types. Manufacturers like Blizzard Sport USA, and Rossignol are both industry leaders that have built reputations for themselves for designing top quality skis, and you will certainly buy a quality product if you buy from one of them. However, there are others that are worthy of mention. For the most part, you don’t want to spend money on something that will snap in half the first time you use it. You want skis that are fast, dependable, and durable, so you can break them in and have a favorite pair. We pulled together a top 10 list of the best alpine touring skis from the world’s best manufacturers. We’ve also read, dug and researched as usual to see which skis were the best for touring, and what the customers were saying after they got back from using them. So, if you’re looking for a quality pair of skis, your work is done!

10. Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti With TCX 12 Bindings

Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti With TCX 12 Bindings

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Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti With TCX 12 Bindings are top of the line skis. They are 5-star rated and built to last, and notably the narrowest of Blizzard’s Freeride All-Mountain Line. The Blizzard Quattro’s flip core technology allows for an energetic, lively, and effortless ride. The Quattro’s were designed to be fast. Period. This is a 78mm ski that they say bridges the gap between race-inspired technology and freeride. There is a Camber underfoot, and a rocker in the tip and tail to keep you cruising through various snow types. Blizzard products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and Blizzard has been a leader in their industry delivering top quality skis, and you can rest assured their designs are immaculate.

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9. Rossignol Squad 7 Skis Mens

Rossignol Squad 7 Skis Mens

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The Rossignol Squad 7 Men’s Skis are ultra-lightweight with a Paulawnia Wood Core. Designed for touring, they have sandwich Laminate construction, and a powder turn rocket design. The Rossignol Squad 7’s have been revamped this year, and they are as lightweight and durable as ever, giving you more of the effortless maneuvering you love and less of the pull. Rossignol has been in this business over 100 years, and are a long since trusted name. If you want to drop the question of quality, Rossignol would be a safe place to drop it.

8. Line Blend Skis Men’s

Line Blend Skis Men's

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The Line Blend Skis Men’s has a wide platform and a forgiving flex that makes it an excellent ski for jumping, spinning, pressing, and anything else creative. This ski is lightweight, and excellent at delivering superior performance at high speeds. Two full length maple stringers surrounded by Aspen, and a 30% thicker edge for dramatically increased durability and turning. There is a cap on the top for light and responsive performance, and these are the same skis that Will Wesson used to win the X-Games gold.

7. DPS Yvette 112 RP.2 Pure3 Skis Women’s 2016 – 168

DPS Yvette 112 RP.2 Pure3 Skis Women's 2016 - 168

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The DPS Wailer 112 RP.2 Tour1 Skis are made with Pure Prepeg Carbon Laminates and Nanotech Resins, as well as a specially designed Aspen wood core that mates with the carbon build. The fastest and hardest Austrian World Cup race bases, and wide Rockwell 48 edges. This is an excellent, high quality ski designed for speed and control. Customers love this ski, stating that it is perfect for any kind of turn, and that it has a sweet spot that makes it playful. The DPS Wailer 112 RP.2 Tour1 Skis are a bit on the pricey end, but in terms of quality, you will be more than blessed.

6. 2024 Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Women’s Skis with Marker M 11.0 TC Bindings


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The Blizzard Black Pearl Skis Women’s 159 are a superior woman’s ski, with a waist width of 88mm. Whether you are after high performance, or playing, the Black Pearl is an all-around well-designed pair of skis. Previous customers are saying that you can expect a smooth ride with quick turns. The Black Pearl Women’s Skis are designed for speed and durability, and constructed with the best materials available. The Black Pearl skis by Blizzard come in an attractive purple and black design, and they are backed by a one-year warranty compliments of Blizzard Sport USA.

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5. Ski Boards Blue Diamonds WSD with Mount Tyrolia

Ski Boards Blue Diamonds WSD with Mount Tyrolia

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The WSD Ski Boards Blue Diamonds WSD with Mount Tyrolia are rated 4.6 stars from previous buyers. Customers are saying that it’s a minor inconvenience not having releasable bindings, but this also makes the skis lighter and easier to pack and store, and also that the WSD Ski Boards Blue Diamonds are a very good quality for the money. WSD skis come with black base edge made of hardened shell, and they are designed for speed and maneuverability. The cap construction drapes over the edge to form a clean rounded finish, and these colors always look great in the snow.

4. Rossignol S7 Skis Womens

Rossignol S7 Skis Womens

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Rossignol can be traced back 100 years. Since 1907, Rossignol has strived to be “the most progressive and authentic mountain brand on the market”, and they have done just that. All Rossignol products are backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects. These Rossignol S7 Men’s Skis are said to be the perfect blend of versatility and float. These skis will offer you fatigue free maneuverability, and superior control. The S7 Men’s Skis have a wood fiberglass core, and a centered profile shortcut. Black, red and white design, that is as durable as it is good looking.

3. 2024 Rossignol Super 7 RD Skis

2024 Rossignol Super 7 RD Skis

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The 2014 Rossignol Super 7 Skis are ultra-light weight, with a Paulawnia wood core, and a Diago Fiber Laminate construction. Powder turn rocker design, the Super 7 includes a new honeycombed tip and tall with air pockets to reduce swing weight and tip flap. Smooth riding and built for speed, these are backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and built by a company that has been highly respected in their industry for over 100 years. Rossignol skis are deliberately made for performance and durability, and are considered to be the top of their class.

2. WSD Ski Boards Blue Wave Wide Ski Board

WSD Ski Boards Blue Wave Wide Ski Board

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The WSD Ski Boards Blue Wave Wide Ski Board, have a 4.6-star rating with previous owners, and are rated for mountain or park, at all ability levels. Wide ski boards with great flotation check and twin tip allows for forwards or backwards riding with ease. The WSD Ski Boards “Blue Wave” design is attractive and the blues look delicious in the snow. Bottom line, excellent pair of skis, and priced to accommodate any budget. WSD, renamed from WuBanger can be traced back about seven years ago, and since have made a name for themselves for going overboard to provide industry standard products, and pulling it off!

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1. Alpina Control 64 NIS Cross Country Skis

Alpina Control 64 NIS Cross Country Skis

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The Alpina Control 64 NIS Cross Country Skis require NIS bindings, and they have a Nordic Rocker Camber and an Offtrack Norwax Base. Made for cross country, but perfect for any type of riding, the Alpina Control 64’s are built rigid for fresh or heavy snow. The Nordic Rocker Camber provides extra floatation, designed to keep you on top during various types of snow conditions. The Control 64 comes with a remounted NIS plate that requires an NIS binding. This design looks great, and its directional, cool design insinuates that it belongs to someone with places to go!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of skis out there, and everyone’s taste is different, so in the end it will be a decision only you can make. The main thing to look for in a ski is quality. I say that because your skis will be carrying your life on them. Buying from a reputable manufacturer that has been in the industry for years will take out the possibility that they are cutting costs by using cheaper materials, and at the same time put you in the hands of a brand that puts a lot of time into designing the perfect skis for their customers. Even the cheaper models we have included come from companies like Aplina, who designs products for the elite athlete. Manufacturers who specialize in products specifically for one industry are less likely to manufacture poorly designed products, because they have a reputation to uphold. We decided on these 10 products, mainly based on design integrity, because we know you want something amazing, and something that will last. All of the skis listed above are specially made with you in mind, and many of them are (or have been) used by champions!

Best Overall Alpine Touring Skis


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