Top Rated Xbox One Games of 2020 Review

For those who are not aware, research has shown that gaming helps to develop various cognitive aspects of the brain and general intelligence as well. Besides that, gaming also makes up for a unique leisure time activity for most people today. This includes using sets such as the top-rated Xbox one games which are designed for an immersive experience. In fact, gamers gain access to interesting gaming themes and internet gaming among various other features. Xbox games have essentially revolutionised what it means to experience an immersive gaming experience. Consider these top Xbox one games for your needs:

10. Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition – Xbox One – Xbox One Standard Edition THQ Nordic

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition - Xbox One - Xbox One Standard EditionGet it now on

There are many Xbox games available today. A good example includes the Darksiders deathinitive edition that lets you experience various adventures. You can become death the most feared of the legendary four horsemen. Also, gamers to enjoy the epic universe that is unlike anything that has been seen before. Users can gain access to various player choice and customization features for an immersive experience.

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9. Tekken 7 – Xbox One Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Tekken 7 - Xbox OneGet it now on

If you have not played Tekken Xbox that you have not seen anything yet. This unit comes with the special Eliza Character DLC and Tekken six backward compatibility features. Also, this unit is powered by the unreal engine 4, and this game sets new standards for graphical fidelity. As a result, you can push the new generation of console hardware and PC visuals to the next level.

8. Battlefield 1 – Xbox One Electronic Arts

Battlefield 1 - Xbox OneGet it now on

Experience the superior quality of the Battle Filed Xbox one electronic art battlefield game. This game lets you experience the dawn of all-out way as you take on the front line of combat across the entire world war 1. Also this game is also available for unlimited play, and it also comes with various other useful features for an immersive experience.

7. Extinction – Xbox One Modus

Extinction - Xbox OneGet it now on

Take your gaming experience to the next level by using the Extinction Xbox one Modus Xbox game. This game comes with a special deep story campaign that lets you protect the human population across an abundant story campaign. Taking things to the next level, this game also has dynamic side missions that let gamers earn upgrades as the progress. This skill-based combat game lets gamers perform wall runs and to use a whip as well.

6. Sea of Thieves – Xbox One Microsoft

Sea of Thieves - Xbox OneGet it now on

Sea of thieves is an immersive gaming experience. This game lets you experience a shared world adventure game that is developed by the Rare Ltd company. In particular, gamers can get to experience the pirate life in a world that is filled with rare and irreverent charms. Sail and fight together as you experience the ambience of Xbox gaming. The fantastical world of unspoiled islands and ad the mythical monsters make this game exceptional.

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5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 – Xbox One Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - Xbox OneGet it now on

Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney. You will see them all in the Pro Evolution soccer 2020 version. This game comes with a special new UI for all menus and real player images for added quality. Also, users can also compete in PES leagues in new modes including my club and with random selection matches. The new mode is also dedicated to 2v2 play and with added support for local guests. Play together with friends and take your team to the top with the various gaming features

4. Destiny 2 – Xbox One Standard Edition Activision

Destiny 2 - Xbox One Standard EditionGet it now on

From the developers of the popular hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated Destiny 2 version. This game is an action shooter game that lets you take an epic journey all over the solar system. Humanity is at stake, and the final city has been overwhelmed by Ghaul. To defeat the Ghaul, you must reunite the heroes as you stand with your partners to fight and reclaim your home.

3. State of Decay 2 – Xbox One Microsoft

State of Decay 2 - Xbox OneGet it now on

Introducing state of Decay 2, which is one of the top zombie survival games. This game lets you build your community, and you can invite a many as three friend to explore the world filed with zombies. Besides that, you can also establish a base and develop characters, and you manage resources. The graphics of this game have also been modified to provide 4k gaming quality. The difference in between right and wrong has disappeared which leads to lasting side effects.

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2. Monster Hunter World – Xbox One Capcom

Monster Hunter World - Xbox OneGet it now on

Welcome to the new world where you take on the role of a hunter and players are on an expedition to discover a new continent. This game has been designed to provide seamless gameplay and players and monsters can move one map area to another without the loading screens. More so, the online drop-in multiplayer lets you take on various tasks single-handedly, and it hails as much as three other hunters to assist in the expeditions. The game is designed to allow users to craft for new gear as the defeat monsters and collect loot.

1. Call of Duty: WWII – Xbox One Standard Edition Activision

Call of Duty: WWII - Xbox One Standard EditionGet it now on

Call of duty is a top first shoot gamer. This game lets you experience a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming experience. Gamers can land in Normandy on D day as the battle across Europe and through the iconic locations. More so, you can also experience the classic call of duty combat and with bonds of camaraderie. This is the main aspect of the unforgiving nature of war and against a global power throwing their resources into tyranny.


In consolidating all the important aspects of gaming, choosing a good game is very important for your entertainment needs. These top-rated Xbox one games are an excellent place for you to start. The games are dynamic and with high-quality graphics for an immersive experience. Invest in one today and realize a unique gaming experience.

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