The Best Vertical Stand for Xbox One of 2020

Owning an Xbox console is perhaps one of the best experience that can one can have in life. Owning this type of technology is perfect for leisure time and it’s also perfect for social purposes. If you want to have the best experience with your Xbox, you also need to stay savvy. This is why we have identified these best vertical stand for the Xbox one as the best place to start. These things are design to provide various other benefits aside from storing your console. This includes direct charge benefits and unique air circulation benefits as well. These best vertical stand reviews include:

Most Sold Lists of Vertical Stands for Xbox One on Amazon:

10. Official Xbox One S Wall Mount – Microsoft Licensed

Forza Designs Wall Mount for Xbox One S | Licensed by MicrosoftGet it now on

Take your entertainment experience to the next level with the Official Xbox One S wall mount. This unit comes with embossed screw holes that are perfect for preventing the effects of scratches. Besides that, the invisible design with a locking mechanism makes this unit perfect for Xbox storage. It also comes with unique Xbox Controller mounts that are sold separately.

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9. Connyam Xbox One X Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan and Dual Charging Station

Joy-Con Charging Grip Compatible with Nintendo Switch, USB Type C Charging Cable and 2 Pro Thumb...Get it now on

Enhance the longevity of your Xbox console by investing in the Conyam Xbox one X vertical stand. This unit provides various functionalities in one convenient unit. This includes a cooler and charging station for your controllers. The inclusion of dual cooler fans works well to ensure your console is cool and calm. It also comes with as many as three extra USB hub ports that make it simple to connect various devices such as the mouse and keyboard.

8. Xbox One X Console Vertical Stand Cooling Fan with Dual Charging Station For Xbox One X Aevdor

Xbox One X Vertical Stand , Aevdor Cooling Fan with Controller Charging Station Stand For Xbox One XGet it now on

With the Xbox One X console vertical stand and cooling fan, you can easily place and store your Xbox console. This unit is a multifunctional vertical stand that provides various benefits. Besides that, the vertical stand has a space saving design and with as many as four unique non-slip rubber pads. More so the inclusion of two cooling fans on the inside work to reduce the temperature of the console. The dual charging station also does well to secure two controllers at the same time.

7. HIDEit X1S (Black) Wall Mount for Xbox One S + (2) Controller Mounts Bundle | Made in the USA

HIDEit X1S Xbox One S Wall Mount and (2) Controller Wall Mounts (Xbox One S Black Bundle) - HIDEit...Get it now on

Designed to suit various types of gaming applications, the HIDEit X1S wall mount is the perfect solution for your gaming needs. It comes with an innovative design that comprises of full access to ports and leaves all the vents unobstructed. More so, the unique design of this unit does well to secure your device from accidents. It also has a space saving design for improved organization benefits.

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6. Xbox One X Vertical Stand, Aevdor Game Accessories Vertical Stand for Xbox One X Console

Xbox One X Vertical Stand, Aevdor Game Accessories Vertical Stand for Xbox One X ConsoleGet it now on

Featuring a steady and special design, the Avedor game accessory is the perfect solution for your needs. It has been designed to make your Xbox one console stand, and it provides space saving benefits. More so, the unique cooling function does well to keep your console calm and cool. Additionally, this unit is safe and it does well to sustain your Xbox console for optimal longevity.

5. DOUBI Vertical Stand for Xbox One X DOUBI

Vertical Stand for Xbox One XGet it now on

Discover the excellence of the Douvi Vertical stand for Xbox one x which comes with a special mesh design that does well to dissipate the effects of heat. In addition to this, it also does well to help increase the overall lifespan of your Xbox. The stable anti-skid design comprises of 4 non-slip grips on the base to reduce the effects of vibration. This unit also lets you securely position your console upright for enhanced console performance.

4. HIDEit X1S Mount (Black) – Xbox One S Wall Mount – Made in the USA

HIDEit X1S Xbox One S Wall Mount - Mount for Xbox One S (Black) - HIDEit Behind the TV or DISPLAYit...Get it now on

Change the way in which you store your Xbox by investing in the HIDEit X1s mount and stand. This unit does well to protect your console from the effects of spills and falls. More so, the unique, versatile flush mount design does well to secure your console on the place, and it prevents the effects of sliding. The special form fit and countersunk holes are perfect for creating a flush installation. Also, this best vertical stand is made using a heavy gauge and rolled steel for optimal durability.

3. Wider Xbox One S Stand – More Secure Xbox One S Console Vertical Stand Lvl99Gear

Wider Xbox One S Stand - More Secure Xbox One S Console Vertical Stand - Premium Xbox One...Get it now on

The Lvl99Gear is the perfect addition to your gaming regimen. This unit has been designed to be perfect for space saving benefits, and it also has weatherproof design. It has been made using high-quality material that will last a lifetime and it’s also durable as well. This best vertical stand for the Xbox one has been designed to provide enhanced air for benefits for optimal cooling.

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2. MyLifeUNIT XBOX ONE Vertical Stand, Simplicity Cooling XBOX ONE Stand MyLifeUNIT

MyLifeUNIT Xbox ONE Vertical Stand, Simplicity Cooling Xbox ONE StandGet it now on

Realize what It takes to improve your entertainment regimen by investing in the Mylife UNIT Xbox one vertical stand. This unit is simple, and it works well to help secure your console in a vertical position. Besides that, the ethernet cable will provide one-step installation benefits. The unique grid design of the vertical stand does well to cool your Xbox one console. Taking thing to the next level, this unit is also durable and simple to install.

1. Vertical Stand for Xbox One S Console Pojazia

DRZERUI Console Vertical Stand Compatible with Xbox One SGet it now on

Pojazia is one of the big brands when it comes to Xbox connectivity solutions. This is why we recommend the Pojazia Vertical stand as the perfect solution for your gaming regimen. In particular, the stand is perfect for securing your console upright and its also ideal for convenient setup process. With the unique design, this cable is ideal for various types of consoles and it’s also simple to use. The vertical stand is simple to setup and with a durable design to match.


In summarizing all the critical factors, making informed choices is essential when it comes to entertainment. This includes investing in useful accessories such as the best vertical stand for Xbox one as the perfect place to start. These units make it simple to store your Xbox console and thus improves the longevity. Invest in one today and realize the immense benefits of your entertainment experience.

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