Top 10 Best Portable Laptop Sleeves of 2023 Review

This is a century whereby all we know, all we are and all our memories are stored in a machine and most probably a laptop due to space. So almost all our pictures, relevant work documents, bank transactions, and entertainment are found in our laptops that make it a part of our lives.

That’s why you need to guard it with all you can. So instead of walking around with a backpack that will spoil your “look,” it’s best if you have a sleeve that is easy to carry and fits your taste. I believe you, if you are reading this then you already know this. And are looking for the best among the best in this area. So the most obvious thing that you have to consider is safety. Is your laptop bag waterproof, does it have the Signal Blocking capabilities, is it leather or nylon? The next thing is how easy it is to clean the bag, and it’s the limitations of the bag, the material is also a point to factor in and, ultimately, the design. How well does it fit your personality?

Having understood the things to look out for, let’s look at 10 of the best laptop bags.

10. Silent Pocket


Silent Pocket

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If you ask most laptop users, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety and the security of their data. If this is what you are also seeking, then the silent pocket is the best for you. It’s equipped with an anti-hacking and anti-tracking wireless shielding technology that has been tried and tested. Hence, it assures you of shielding against Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMP, and Solar Flare. Still, on safety, it’s 100% waterproof made out of Nylon material, while others are handcrafted using natural water-resistant premium genuine leather

It’s rather small in size, accommodating tablets, and 15-inch laptops. It has a uniquely modern and clean design that will ensure that it adds to your professional or even casual look. If you want to look good and feel even better than the silent is your sleeve of choice.

9. FYY Laptop Sleeve

FYY Laptop Sleeve

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A perfect fit for any 12- 13.5-inch laptop. Its made using a premium genuine leather exterior, and the interior has been made with a thick and soft fluffy material. It can be found in seven different colors that are black, blue, pink, and red, and others, thus making it a perfect gift for anyone.

The laptop sleeve has an extendable handle that can be tucked away to ease movement and carrying your sleeve around. It also has a band-strap that allows you to hold your laptop in one hand and prevent it from falling. Its premium leather makes it waterproof, and the interior ensures that it’s shockproof, ensuring your computer is safe just in case you accidentally fall. It is a 360o Open for ease of taking the laptop out

8. Mosiso Laptop Sleeve Bag

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve Bag

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The Mosiso laptop sleeve comes at a much cheaper cost than most of the sleeves in this list, but this isn’t what makes it popular. The Mosiso laptop sleeve has a fluffy fleece interior lining that ensures it’s safe from falls and shocks. It’s slim and lightweight, ensuring ease of carriage and is most suitable for carrying MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro Retina 13, most laptops that are 13- 13.3 inches.

If you want to look fashionable, then this is the sleeve to choose from. It comes with top quality material and also a small pouch to increase your storage.

7. Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve Bag

Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve Bag

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The tomtoc has an original cornerArmor patent design that protects it from drops and shocks. It fits laptops that size 13 inches, its lightweight and slim for easy fitting into another traveling bag.

If you’re into trendy, modern, but simple designs, this is the best sleeve for you. It will give you a business yet leisure look, and the diverse colors are also a significant advantage you can select your personality.

6. tomtoc premium- H13 Laptop Sleeve

tomtoc premium- H13 Laptop Sleeve

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It also boosts the Corner Armor at the bottom to ensure safety from shocks experienced during falls. The sleeve is ideal for 13-13.5 inch laptops, 12.9 iPad Pro, and 13.5 inches Surface Book.

The sleeve has a unique and sleek look that is complemented by the numerous colors it comes in. On top of this, it is made of the most robust military fabric that ensures durability, strength, excellent resistance to abrasion, and makes it waterproof.

5. tomtoc Versatile – A42

tomtoc Versatile – A42

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Also referred to as a tomtoc Exclusive Laptop shoulder bag. The bag has been designed to fit most HP, Dell, Asus, ThinkPad, Acer, and all 15- 15.6 laptops, Chromebook, notebooks, and ultrabooks. The versatility makes it accessible. It also ensures safety by having the CornerArmor design and a 360 fluffy protective interior to prevent any scratches from the zipper.

Its lightweight and compact, thus making it easy to carry. The handles and shoulder strap ease the mode of moving; it also boasts of extra space by having two front pockets for accessories such as phone, mouse, cables, and charger.

4. Caison Laptop Sleeve Case

Caison Laptop Sleeve Case

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The Caison laptop sleeve is made of genuine quality leather and is designed to accommodate 13 inch MacBook Pro and Air. The York leather that has been used in making this sleeve assures you of durability and natural aging.

The interior has been made up of quilted microfiber to ensure its lightweight, and the soft interior provides safety from shock and bumps.

3. Thule Gauntlet 3.0

Thule Gauntlet 3.0

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The Thule Gauntlet perfectly fits a 13 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It is made using a rigid exterior that provides added protection to your laptop, and the interior is padded to ensure that the computer is safe from shocks and bumps from the daily hustle and bustle.

2. HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

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For those who are not into the leather, then the HYZUO is your type of sleeve. Its made of faux suede leather that is water-resistant, yet classy and stylish. The interior is also waterproof, shockproof, and is anti-scratch. It assures you of more than five years of service if kept in perfect conditions. It has an invisible magnetic close that doesn’t damage the laptop.

1. ProCase Laptop Case

ProCase Laptop Case

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This case fits all 13-13.5 inch laptops. At a little cost, it comes in a variety of colors and unique designs. The ProCase is simple, slim, portable, and lightweight to ease carriage.

It has extra pockets that provide you with extra space to put your phone, pens, cables, and charger. The sleeve has a shock absorption interior and a spill-resistant exterior.


With the above knowledge, I believe you have got one sleeve or two that have caught your attention. And if not, you now know what to consider when purchasing a laptop sleeve.

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