Top 10 Best Cash Drawers of 2022 Review

Many businesses need cash drawer, especially if there are numerous daily cash transactions. A cash drawer helps you organize your business. Tracking of business transactions becomes easier. A cash drawer will help you reconcile the cash you hold and the receipts that you have issued.

There are numerous features that a money drawer has to offer. However, what matters the most is your needs. You should first recognize your needs before picking a drawer. The cash drawers that we have featured below come with the best security features. Some of the tills are quite advanced and can allow you to integrate the inventory, receipting, and cash inventory systems. This drawer will help you manage your cash professionally. Security is an important feature that every business person invests in heavily nowadays. These drawers have superior security features, which will help you guard all the cash monies that come into your business.

10. Volcora cash register for PoS

Volcora cash register for PoS

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The Volcora cash register has a very professional appeal, especially because of the black matte finish that the manufacturer coated it with. The register is a square whose sides measure 16 inches. The depth measures 4 inches. The security of the cash drawer has been enhanced using tough steel. It offers 8-coin trays and 5- note slots. It is compatible with a majority of points of sales (PoS). The register uses 24DC. The manufacturer has included two media large slots where you can put your large bills, cheques, or bills.

9. Certus Global manual cash drawer

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This is a simple register that doesn’t require any connection to the mains. A simple push using your finger will easily open it. Cerus Global has included a bell that rings with every successful transaction. But you can remove the bell sound if you so wish. The cash drawer is portable, and it becomes easy for you to remove it and count your daily sales. The manufacturer has put 4-note slots and 5-coin trays.

8. Science Purchase PL-420 cash drawer

Science Purchase PL-420 cash drawer

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The drawer is practical for all types of business. It is made using durable, tough steel. The manufacturer has guaranteed the security of your money and business. The drawer can be opened using a key of a drawer kick signal, which is done using a 6-pin RJ12 connector. The drawer allows you to customize the note slots, thus making your cashier life easy. The note-slots come with spring clips that keep the notes in place. You will also enjoy receipt-printing using selected EPSON printers.

7. EOM-POS cash register

EOM-POS cash register

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The register is made using tough metal, and this guarantees durability. The manufacturer has used an appealing finish. There are 5-notes slots and 5-coin trays. The slots come with spring clips, which help you keep the notes in place. The register also connects to a receipt printer, which gets the transmission via an in-built RJ11/RJ12. Cash sale reconciliations, therefore, become very easy. Two mounting brackets ensure that your money drawer is firmly affixed.

6. Volcora CD-5W cash drawer

Volcora CD-5W cash drawer

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This drawer, which measures 16 by 16 inches, comes with an in-built connector (RJ11/RJ12). You can then easily print your receipts when you buy this drawer. The metal used to make register is tough. Don’t forget the white color it adorns and which makes it cool. With the register, you get 5-notes slots and 6-coin trays, which are removable. Security is enhanced using the 3-position key lock, a manual one, and the other two are automatic. It doesn’t come with a USB slot, though.

5. APG JB320-BL 1816-C cash drawer

APG JB320-BL 1816-C cash drawer

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This APG money drawer is ideal for a business that has a high volume of cash sales. It is dark in color and has been made using heavy-duty metal. The manufacturer has incorporated a MultiPro 320 interface, which has 8P8C (RJ45) connector. This enables you to connect your cash drawer to a printer easily. You will enjoy a fully integrated point of sale once you invest in this drawer. The drawer is bigger than most; it measures 18 by 16.7 inches. It comes with five slots of notes and 5 for coins.

4. HK Systems 13″ cash drawer

HK Systems 13 cash drawer

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This is a compact money drawer that comes with a stainless front. It measures 13.5 by 13 inches. The register comes with two keys. However, you can get a spare key via mail from Amazon at no extra charge. The cash register offers you four slots for notes and 5 for coins. There are two media slots located at the front, which you can use to keep checks or bills. This is a portable till which can come in handy for a small business. It doesn’t come with a POS or an ECR interface.

3. SILVER by AccuBANKER white SCD-POS cash drawer

Silver by AB SCD10 Point of Sale (POS) Register Bundle - Stand for 9.7' iPad w/Rotary Plate & White...Get it now on

This white cash drawer is unique because it brightens the appearance of the cashier office. This is an ideal drawer to have if you are looking to have a fully integrated point of sale system. You will easily reconcile your cash-at-hand and the receipts. The manufacturer has included four note slots that come spring clips. There are 5-coin trays, therefore, making it a good tool of trade for any busy business. You can opt to buy the complete package of the drawer and an iPad as well as its stand.

2. Star Micronics 36950010 MPOP10 money drawer

Star Micronics 39650010 Model MPOP10 mPOP with 2' Integrated Printer and Cash Drawer, Universal...Get it now on

This is a white compact cash drawer. It has been built using tough metal, and this helps at guaranteeing security. This model of Star Micronics drawer comes with four cash note slots. The coin slots are set at six, but you can adjust them to have 8. The drawer supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Moreover, there are several USB ports which you can use to charge phones and other gadgets. It is equipment to buy if you want a good integrated POS system.

1. Square POS Bundle cash drawer

Star Micronics TSP143III USB Receipt Printer, Stand for 10.2” & 10.5” iPads, and Epsilont Cash...Get it now on

For every business that wants to move with technology, this is an ideal cash register to invest in. besides the cash slots and coin compartments, the register comes with two media slots. The manufacturer has included a square stand where you should place your iPad. It integrates very well with your business system since it can connect to a printer and other gadgets such as scanners. Even though the metal used to make it is tough, the iPad is not included in the price of the register.


A money drawer is essential for your business. Besides ensuring your cash is safe, it helps you keep track of every cash transaction. It is a tool of trade that you must invest in if you want to succeed in business. Moreover, if you’re going to enjoy a fully integrated point of sale system, a modern register that can be connected to a computer or a printer is a must-have.

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