Top 10 Best Hardside Luggages for International Travel in 2020 Review

One way to ensure the safety of your items when traveling to another new country is by investing in a functional and durable luggage bag. Although there are thousands of brands and types of traveling bags, no brand can beat the hard side bags regarding quality and durability. These bags consist of hard shell material that ensures that they cannot get damaged or allow water inside when walking or pulling the bag in wet areas.

How to choose the best hard side luggage bags.

The Size

These bags are designed in varying sizes and therefore, as a customer choose a bag that you feel would fit your clothes. Some bags are packed in three different sized bags which is essential as you can use the various bags for different trips.

The Materials

Majority of these bags are made of ABS and polycarbonate materials to ensure that they are fully waterproof and does not crack if dropped by mistake on the ground. Therefore ensure that the bag you purchase is certified to having either of these two materials.

Below are the ten best hardside luggage bags for international travel:

10. Titan Germany x 2 Hard Luggage

Titan X2 Hard Luggage Large 30' Spinner (Copper)Get it now on

This is one of the best international traveling luggage bag. It is crafted of durable and robust material that keeps your belongings safe from rains. It measures about 29 inches and has a weight of 8. 6 pound. It is easy to hold and pull the bag since it features sturdy and durable double wheels. The bag comes in different colors to select from and the crafting is done with the use of pure polycarbonate material.

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9. Desley Luggage Helium Aero carry -on Spinner trolley Luggage Bag

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner TrolleyGet it now on

The bag is designed with reliable and durable materials that are light in weight. It is made of 100 percent polycarbonate material that is strong and does not easily get damaged by the rains or even crack. It is safe to use during the rainy season since the bag features waterproof material thus your clothes cannot get wet. The bag is designed in an expandable form which expands up to 2 inches for efficient space of storing the clothes. The wheels of the bag are equipped with double structure to enable the bag to freely move on uneven surfaces. The hard-shelled bag is made with a comfortable handle system and has two lock positions which makes it easy to push around with the bag. Other features include a zipper closure and a lock for keeping your belongs safe.

8. Luggage Sets Spinner Hard Shell Three Piece Suitcase

Luggage Sets Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase Lightweight Luggage - 3 Piece (20' 24' 28') - Galaxy...Get it now on

The bags are packed in three different sizes for ample packing especially if you are traveling with your family. They are also designed in different colors to meet customers’ tastes and preferences. The bags sizes are 20, 24 and 28 inches. The material is light in weight and features ABS+ PC hard shell that creates a scratch and heat resistant mechanism in the bag. It is also waterproof such that even when it rains you clothes cannot get wet. The wheels are designed with 360 degree rotating mechanism that makes it easy to control the movement of the bag. Other equipped features in the bag are the straps that secure your clothes when packed and a natural lining cloth that keeps your clothes fresh throughout your travels. The inside parts have smaller packaging pockets that provides spaces for keeping small item such as the phone or passport for easy access. The bag is sold with a two year warranty.

7. Desley Luggage HeliumAero International Carry on Expandable Spinner trolley Bag

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Plum Purple, Carry-on 19...Get it now on

The inside parts of the bag are made of fabric lining to provide a suitable surface for packing your clothes. The wheels are crafted in a double form for easy maneuvering in different surfaces. It is made with an expandable mechanism of up to 2 inches thus enabling the user to get enough storage space. The handlebar is entirely extended to provide a good pulling and pushing position including for tall people. It features other additional packaging spaces inside for keeping small items such as a laptop space and mesh pockets for holding the computer accessories, passports and other personal necessities. The outer part is crafted with hard shell material to keep your belongings safe.

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6. Samsonite Silhouette Xv Hardside Spinner 26 inches Luggage Bag

Samsonite Silhouette XV Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black, Checked-Medium 26-InchGet it now on

This luggage bag is designed with an adjustable handlebar which is essential for fitting different heights. The inside is made of a fabric lining that does not have any smell thus ensuring the clothes retain the natural scent. The handle part is designed with deluxe cushioned and a rubber seal that provides smooth and safe grip for smooth movement of the luggage bag. The outer parts consist of waterproof and scratch resistant material that not only protects your belongs from wetness, but it also guarantees prolonged usage of the bag. The wheels of the bag are made of tru-trac mechanism and have a v-shape which makes it easy to move the bag on different surfaces without getting stuck or turning.

5. Hauptstadt Koffer Luggage Sets

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage Set, Dark Blue, set of 3Get it now on

The suitcase comes packed in three different sizes making it suitable for family use. They are also made in different colors for you to select from. The outer cover features ABS + PC hard material that ensures its durability and protection of your belonging even during the rainy seasons. The wheels are wide and stable for easy maneuvering on different surfaces plus it has a code for locking your items. The handle is extended to provide comfort while pulling it and the package comes with a three-year warranty.

4. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner, Carry-On, Expandable Suitcase Luggage with Wheels, Black - 3-Piece...Get it now on

The luggage bag is crafted in a sleek and beautiful black shiny color that makes it look elegant.

It has a hard spinner set that provides varying packaging spaces while traveling with your family. The bag features hardshell made of pure ABS material to protect it from scratching or allowing wetness inside the bag. The inside of the luggage bag is fully lined with fabric to keep your clothes in good temperatures, and it can expand for increased packaging space. The bag has four spinner wheels to ensure smooth rolling of the bag on different surfaces.

3. Luggage Business Lock 360 Rolling Wheels

All Aluminum Luggage Business Travel Hardside Suitcase TSA Approved 360 Rolling Wheels Luxury...Get it now on

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This is the best choice for a travel bag especially if you occasionally fly for business meetings. It has excellent features which keep your items and safe and ensures the durability of the bag too. The bag is made of pure aluminum magnesium alloy material to ensure it lasts for years. It is light in weight hence making it easy to move with the pack. You can secure your belongs in the bag using the provided lock mechanism. The interior of the bag has a fabric lining that keeps the clothes in a good state and ergonomic wheels which makes it easy to move the luggage bag around. The handlebar is adjustable for comfortable pulling and pushing position of the user.

2. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner 20in24in28in (sliver gray4)

Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner 20in24in28inGet it now on

The bag is designed with durable ABS+ PC material which ensures its durability and easy to use. It also features aluminum frame which makes it ideal for both men and women use. It is light in weight hence pushing and pulling of the bag is pretty straightforward. For security purposes, the bag consists of dual TSA lock to protect the items inside. The wheels are designed with dual spinner mechanism for smooth operation. It is waterproof thus your belongings cannot get wet in case you are moving during the rainy seasons. The storage space measures about 20 inches.

1. Chester carry-On Luggage / 22 inches Light Weight Polycarbonate Hardshell Suitcase

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22'x19'x14' Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner...Get it now on

The hard side bag has strong and hard shell polycarbonate material that is also waterproof. The wheels are designed with multi-directional spinner wheels for the efficient rolling of the bag. It is suitable for simple trips since it features different storage compartments and a strap for compressing your clothes for better carrying. The bag comes with a ten-year warranty which guarantees you a full return of your money.


If you are looking for the most reliable luggage bag for traveling internationally, consider the above ten reviewed bags. They consist of strong and durable materials that ensure your clothes are safe and well protected all the time. Besides, you don’t have to worry regarding buying a new bag after every trip since they are durable and made of reliable materials as well. Make sure you buy from a good dealer and test some features such as the locking dock, zipper, wheels and the handlebar to see if they are functioning.

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