Top 10 Best Figure Skating Bags with Wheels in 2020 Reviews

The best figure skating bags with wheels has never been easier to find. As a matter of fact, if you google those words, you’ll find mainly ZUCA bags. ZUCA’s design team have been “on a roll” since 2004 keeping figure skaters, travelers, salespeople, and pet owners safe and happy. ZUCA builds super durable and versatile, fashionable travel bags. When I say durable, I mean made with an aerospace influenced design, dual wheels in the back to make going up steps and curbs effortless… tough stuff! Normally our top 10 reviews contain several manufacturers, but being that ZUCA has the market cornered, and they design bags specifically for figure skaters, we had to be honest. ZUCA has a variety of bags, specifically engineered to protect your gear so that it stays safe and organized. ZUCA has some of the most adorable designs ever seen on a bag, and they have been a highly respected, name brand in the travel bag industry for quite some time now. Customer reviews on every one of the ZUCA bags were high, and customers are raving that ZUCA bags are dreamy, roomy, sturdy, and “perfect for kids with lots of stuff”. So, we went ahead and gave them the spotlight! Here are the best and most special figure skating bags with wheels on the market from a manufacturer that has your dreams “in the bag!

10. ZUCA Midnight Navy Sport Insert Bag with Frame

Zuca Midnight Navy Sport Insert Bag with FrameGet it now on

ZUCA Midnight Navy Sport Insert Bag with Frame is one of the best figure skating bags with wheels that money can buy. ZUCA takes great pride in their work, claiming to have revolutionized how you carry your things around. ZUCA deliberately builds top-of-the-line products that will last. That is their forte. This product is a 4.8-star rating from its previous buyers, and you’re not going to pick a better bag for strength and dependability. With a removable, hand washable insert, the dual wheel system is made to climb stairs and curbs with ease, and the polyurethane wheels absorb shock to make for a near-silent ride. The engineers at ZUCA spent a lot of time and effort in making this bag perfect, and according to previous customers they’ve done it!

9. ZUCA Sport Bag – Hanami with Gift Lunchbox and Seat Cover

Zuca Sport Bag - Hanami with Lunchbox and Seat Cover (Pink)Get it now on

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ZUCA Sport Bag – Hanami with Gift Lunchbox and Seat Cover Is an excellently designed bag. With a 39.5″ telescoping handle, the ZUCA Hanami’s is rated to safely support up to 300 pounds. Made of premium water resistant 600 D polyester in hand washable, this bag is again, made to climb stairs and curbs with ease without tearing it up. The 4-inch polyurethane wheels will absorb shock to make first a nearly silent ride, and the feet are made of nylon 6, which is easy on your floors and won’t scratch them up. This is an adorable cherry blossom design from ZUCA, and out of 31 happy customers, this bag “packs” a 4.6-star rating!

8. ZUCA “Koi Fish” Sport Insert Bag with Frame

ZUCA 'Koi Fish Sport Insert Bag with FrameGet it now on

The Koi Fish design makes an adorable bag. With pink, green, and blue, the Koi fish and lotus flowers make this design elegant, playful, and peaceful all at the same time. If you like to travel in style, this bag will get you the attention you need. Again, made to safely support up to 300 pounds, the 600 D polyester bag is hand washable, durable, and won’t go unnoticed. ZUCA bags have been used by the Riedell brand, and famous golfers, skaters, and salespeople all over the world. They are known and trusted manufacturers, and they design their products to be the very best, deliberately. Made to climb stairs and curbs with ease, and nylon 6 feet that will not scratch your floors, you will get a deliberately efficient bag here that will give your skates and other belongings room to swim around.

7. ZUCA Sport Artist – Stealth Sport Insert Bag with Black Frame Flashing Wheelset with 4 Large Utility Pouches

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The ZUCA Pro Artist Wheeled Suitcase with Built-In Seat and Stacking Organizer Pouches is regarded by many as one of the pinnacles of the ZUCA bag line. This ZUCA travel “doctor” will fit all your things magnificently, neatly, and stylishly. You’ve got one small utility pouch, four large utility pouches, and one matching travel cover. This bag comes in a variety of colors, and the pouches are all aligned in easy to clean, clear vinyl. This bag is made to last a long time, and it supports up to 300 pounds safely just like all ZUCA bags, but this bag telescopes just a little bit taller at 41 inches. Made from 1680 D ballistic nylon, the bag is removable and hand washable just like all ZUCA bags, and you have a gear platform to carry additional loads. You’ll get a 32 L capacity on this bad boy, it has 51 happy customers with a 4.5-star rating. An excellent pick!

6. Zuca Ice Queen Sport Insert Bag – Choose Your Frame Color

ZUCA Ice Queen Sport Bag & Frame (Black) w/Flashing WheelsGet it now on

ZUCA Ice Queen Sport Insert Bag is an ice-skating themed, classic design by ZUCA. This Amazon channel has only sold one, but she was ecstatic and gave it a five-star review. Laura, on March 18, 2017 said, “Love ZUCA bags! High quality, rugged, sturdy, and stylish.” Well, she said it. ZUCA is a high-quality manufacturer, and again they do so deliberately. This model comes with a top platform seat, supports up to 300 pounds, and has a 39.5-inch telescoping handle. As always, you get your nylon 6 feet that are durable yet gentle on your floors, and your ZUCA standard 600 D water resistant polyester insert, the pops right out for easy cleaning. The design of this one is kind of dreamy, so if you’re a dreamer… I think they did this for you!

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5. Zuca Ice Dreamz Sport Insert Bag & Purple Frame with Flashing Wheels

ZUCA Ice Dreamz Sport Insert Bag and Purple Frame with Built-in Seat and Flashing WheelsGet it now on

ZUCA Ice Dreamz Sport Insert Bag & Purple Frame with Flashing Wheels is another bag made for “shooting star: figure skaters. ZUCA does this for figure skaters because ZUCA not only knows that you have big dreams, but they also know that you are going to be the next champions and medalist for the world to stare in amazement be proud of! This design is adorable, with a soaring figure skater in the spotlight, and a blue and purple design. Pretty amazing work by our friends at ZUCA, and 4.8 star rated by previous buyers. Some of the comments that this bag has been getting as it is a “skater girl’s dream bag”, it’s got “lots of pockets”, and it’s “roomy”. No need to look for a bench, this bag doubles as a seat and is inspired by aerospace technology to be light and super durable. The ZUCA Ice Dreamz bag supports up to 300 pounds, has a 39.5″ telescoping handle, and the 4-inch polyurethane wheels are made to transition upstairs and curbs very easily. Some of the younger buyers of this bag recommend this bag to, “kids with lots of stuff”. Adorable and secretly rugged, sparkly and dreamy, ZUCA nailed this one guy!

4. ZUCA Sport Bag – Ice Garden (Limited Edition)

ZUCA Sport Bag - Ice Garden (Limited Edition) (Black Frame)Get it now on

The ZUCA Sport Bag – Ice Garden (Limited Edition). Apparently the ZUCA manufacturers don’t care if they make little girls jealous, because this bag is a limited edition. Supposedly, there were only 200 of these made. The Ice Garden Design is a frozen over, wonderland-ish, sparkly designed for girls that carry a lot of stuff around with them and want to stylish at the same time. The Ice Garden bag looks great on the ice, and it’s durable and sturdy while remaining still girly and impeccably unique. You’ve got your usual 600 D polyurethane insert that is removable for easy cleaning, your two 4-inch wheels climb curbs and stairs easily, and your gear platform that will carry additional loads. Strong enough to support up to 300 pounds with plenty of room inside, you get a 29 L capacity here and feet made of nylon 6, again, standard to ZUCA bags and designed to not hurt your floors! Get one while you can!

3. ZUCA “Silver Shimmer” Sport Insert Bag (Snowflake Ice Design), Frames Sold Separately

Zuca 'Silver Shimmer' Sport Insert Bag (Snowflake Ice Design), Frames Sold SeparatelyGet it now on

As soon as the ZUCA Sport Bag – Silver Shimmer with Gift Lunchbox and Seat Cover Caught my eye, I knew that it was an excellent pick. The whimsical winter wonderland inspired motive is an attention getter to say the very least. ZUCA bags are designed to last and will hold up to 300 pounds. This bag is made of 600 D Polyester and is hand washable and easily removable. Standard dual wheel design by ZUCA to get you upstairs and curbs easily, and a 29 L capacity. This is a classy design that looks great on the ice, and with darker colors, so it won’t easily get dirty. You get your gear platform, your built-in seat, and your nylon 6 feet to be easy on your floors. A very attractive, classic bag by ZUCA but not yet reviewed on Amazon.

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2. ZUCA Sport Bag – Sunset with gift Lunchbox and Seat Cover

Zuca Sunset Sport Insert Bag and Pink Frame with Flashing Wheels, Matching Lunchbox and Seat CushionGet it now on

The Island Life ZUCA Sports Bag – Palm trees and the sunset! Who could ask for a more relaxing scene? Great for anyone near the beach, or anyone who loves the beach, the Island Life Sports Bag will get you where you’re going in style. “Island Life” by ZUCA will support up to 300 pounds, it’s got 4-inch dual wheels to get you up curbs and steps easily, and it’s got a 600 D polyester insert is easy to remove and hand wash. Two customer reviews and they were both very happy. Five stars! Grab your flip-flops and your beach towel, after skating practice, we’re going to the beach!

1. ZUCA SIBS236 Sport Insert Bag Stealth Black Logo Embroidery in Black

ZUCA SIBS236 Sport Insert Bag Stealth Black Logo Embroidery in Black / 89055900236Get it now on

The ZUCA SIBS236 Sport Insert Bag Stealth Black Logo Embroidery in Black Is a classic looking, sturdy bag with lots of pockets. Black on black stitching, stealthy as can be, your life will be organized with this ZUCA headliner! You get a 39.5″ telescoping handle, aerospace designed technology, supports up to 300 pounds and has your standard ZUCA 600 D polyester hand washable insert. Built to last, with convenience and organization in mind, there will be no need to work and pull, scuff and grind to get up curbs and steps now. World-renowned manufacturer and industry leader ZUCA has done it again. If you want something that will last, this is perfect option for you, in “stealthy”!

Final Thoughts

We must’ve looked at over 100 bags before we decided to “star”, so to speak, the ZUCA brand. We just wanted to make sure that we weren’t being unfair to anyone that was manufacturing these types of bags out there that could compete. The reason we chose ZUCA, is because of their company pride, their reputation, and their deliberate manufacture of products to help the figure-skating industry. So, to be honest, no one could compete. In the end, it’s going to be a matter of personal preference, and we know that a lot of time and effort goes into your dreams, your practice, and even your recreational skating. That’s why we took the time to put together this list for you. ZUCA has the market cornered on figure skating bags, and if you want something that is adorable, perfectly designed for skaters, and durable enough to handle the battle that the waiting out there, any bag on this list will get you through. All ZUCA products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects you from defects in quality, and we are a firm believer that you will be getting the best product on the market when you buy ZUCA products!

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