Top 10 Best Gymnastics Landing Mats in 2018 Reviews

Gymnastics is a very tough and challenging sport. It requires tremendous amount of commitment and determination from the players. This sport is no easy. The player has to practice regularly to be good at it. They have to be very careful and stay alerted, or else serious injuries can happen. Besides proper instruction and training, to ensure with full security, the sporting environment must be equipped with required materials such as the landing mats. If you are a gymnastic geek, you would know how important the landing mat for this sport is. You simply can’t risk practicing this sport on a bare floor. After serious research and comparison from experts, we have brought you with 10 best of the best gymnastics landing mats which could be found.

10. Skil-Care Crash Mat

Crash Mat
  • High density foam
  • Absorbant foam mat for tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts and take downs
  • Can be used at home, professional martial arts dojo's and gymnastic facilities

Get your gymnastics started today with Skil-Care Crash Mat! Designed for your full safety, this mat is manufactured in high density foam. Feel free to do your wrestling on this mat since it will absorb all sweat within minutes, so you don’t slipper. Perfect for tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts and takes downs, the mat can be used at home, professional martial arts dojo’s and gymnastic facilities. Your money is guaranteed with the best quality you could ever find with Skil-Care! Washable nylon outer covered with a non-skid bottom is integrated around this mat for long durability. Available in 4 sizes, you can enjoy your gymnastics experience in Skil-Care now.

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9. Team Sports Gymnastics 4″ Skill Throw Landing Mats 4’x8′, Blue Vinyl

Team Sports Gymnastics 4" Skill Throw Landing Mats 4'x8', Blue Vinyl and 1.8 Density Poly-Foam
  • The 4" Pro-Skill Throw Training Mats 4'x8', BLUE VINYL with MESH TOP
  • Higher 1.8 Density Poly-Foam cores for long lasting performance!
  • 18 oz. Premium Vinyl Covered Polyester Fiber Fabric with Breather Cloth!

Marvelous! Just marvelous! With Team Sports Landing Mats, your gymnastics experience will never be like before. In only 18 oz in weight, the cover features the premium vinyl covered polyester fiber fabric combine with a mesh breather cloth on the top surface. The player feels so scratch and itch when being taken down on the mat. For quality measurement, the Poly-Foam has been tested several times under the latest technology to provide the proper density and weight specifications to deliver the moderate impact absorption and stress-free landings. Enjoy your freedom in taking your friend down during gymnastics.

8. Incstores Premium Folding Mats 2″ Featuring 4 Sided Hook and Loop – Crosslink Polyethylene foam encased with 18 oz vinyl fabric for Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheerleading and Wrestling

Incstores Premium Folding Mats 2" Featuring 4 Sided Hook and Loop - Crosslink Polyethylene foam...
  • Ships Same Day or Next Business Day
  • Water resistant & super easy to clean
  • Can be used as a flooring surface or as wall padding

Time to be committed! With IncStores Landing Mats for Gymnastics, you will experience with the peace of minded required to build the determination toward achieving your new gymnastics and martial arts moves. Excellent cushion is provided with the compression foam which is encased in durable vinyl. The air inside and outside the mat is balance with the mesh along the sides for upon impact further absorbing your landing. Available in 2 sizes, you can have the IncStores Landing Mat for both residential and commercial use.

7. Tumbl Trak Folding Practice Mat

Achieving your goal in gymnastics and ensuring your safety are the responsibilities of Tumbl Trak Folding Practice Mat. Available in black and red, this mat has special and unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Covered in 18 oz coated vinyl with heavy duty dacron thread, the mat promises you that no scratch would attack your lovely skin. For convenient transport, reinforced handles are integrated with the non-skid material on the bottom, and Velcro fasteners making sure the mat is secure when closed and allow the mat to easily connect to other pieces. Such a beauty, isn’t it?

6. Tumbl Trak Soft Mat

Just another fantastic innovation from Tumbl Trak! With all its magnificent features, Tumbl Trak absolutely stands out from the competition. The reinforced handles are made to facilitate transportation while the bottom and Velcro fasteners ensure the security of the mat when closed while allowing the mat to connect to other pieces without any difficulties. To increase drills and progressions, you can simply fold the mat in half. In such hot color, the mat is covered with only 18 oz coated vinyl material.

5. BBS Blue 4’x8’x8″ Landing Mat Gymnastics

What comes next in the list? Meet BBS Blue Landing Mat Gymnastic! In such a reasonable price, you are promised with the best and durable mat you ever encountered. Forget about all the pain you had while doing the gymnastics because BBS Landing Mat is going to blow up your mind. With a high density 45-pound compression polyurethane foam inside the foam core, it delivers with excellent cushioning that helps build your confidence if you take gymnastics for the first time. Puncture resistant, the reinforced vinyl is also designed to be fire-retardant and resists mold and mildew. With the above features, BBS Blue Landing Mat is perfect Gymnastics, Cheerleading Landing or Martial Arts falls.

4. Z-Athletic 4’x8’x4″ Landing Mat for Expandable Jr Training Bar

4'x8'x4" Landing Mat for Expandable Jr Training Bar
  • Covered by high quality 18 oz. vinyl, Velcro on 2 sides
  • This three panel mat folds up for easy handling and storage
  • Contains an opened cell foam core for a softer cushion

The next model coming in the list from Z-Athletic! Z-Athletic Landing Mat is specifically made for you for the best quality and comfort. Designed on top of 4 foot wide mat, this mat brings extra cushion for landings/falls. The high quality 18 oz. vinyl and Velcro on 2 sides ensure the best durability and hospitality on your skin. For easy handling and storage, this three panel can be folded up while containing an opened cell foam core for a softer cushion. Measuring 4’x8’4” when unfolded, this lovely Z-Athletic Landing Mat has 3 chic colors to be chosen from.

3. Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow Soft Mat with Denim Cover

Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow Soft Mat with Denim Cover
  • Our Pit Pillow is an extra soft gymnastic mat with very loan density foam in a denim cover
  • It is designed to mimic the feel of a mat on a loose foam pit and be placed on another foam or air...
  • The 3 ft x 4 ft x 8 in Pit Pillow is NOT intended for use on hard surfaces or alone

Tumbl Trak does never forget you! This time, Tumbl Trak brings to you with another of its fantastic mat, Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow Soft Mat with Denim Cover. For 100% comfort and confidence, this mat is designed to mimic the feel of a mat on a loose foam pit and be placed on another foam or air mat. Several sides of the mat can be connected end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked vertically with the velcro while also allowing the Pit Pillow to connect to our other smart mats, Baby Bear or Mama Bear mats for instance. Three sizes for you from Tumbl Trak for its Pit Pillow Soft Mat!

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2. 4’x8x2″ Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat Gym Fitness Exercise Multicolor

4'x8x2" Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat Gym Fitness Exercise Multicolor
  • Flat Dimensions: 8' x 4' (2" Thick)
  • Also features non-absorbent PU leather which makes it easy to clean.
  • Material: EPE Foam (Inside) + Eco-Friendly PU (Outside)

Look what our runner-up has for us today! Measuring 4’x6’ and 4’x8’, Bi-Folding Crash Landing Mat Pad can be folded in half for convenient storage with little space. The sponge foam core is covered in heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl top that promises you with the very safe and protected falls. To facilitate its transport, each handle is available on each side for extra convenience. Made for everyone, We Sell Mats give you 4 choices of thicknesses to choose from: 2″, 4″, 8″ and 12″, which makes it for both kids and grown-ups. In 3 dark colors, you can always trust We Sell Mats Landing Mat Pad at preventing injury during training and competition.

1. Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat

Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat
  • The Jr. Practice Mat is designed for use with the Jr. Kip Bar but can be used as a small tumbling...
  • This mat is 4in thick and makes a great small mat for cushioning falls and landings
  • The Jr. Practice Mat features handles for easy portability and non-skid material on the bottom

Tumbl Trak rocks! Jr. Practice Mat is perfect for training for both professional gymnasts and newbies. Measuring 4 inches in thickness, you can feel the full protection for the cushioning falls and landings. To ensure the good portability, handles are again available at all sides with the non-skid material on the bottom. It’s just easy to say! But, to prove it, Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat has passed all the testing requirements enacted by the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act of 2008. Purple and blue are there in this mat, and with all the features and its good price, you can start building your gymnastic goal from today.


There for you, the best gymnastics landing mats for 2017! We have walked you through the brief descriptions about their features and advantages. Each mat comes with its own unique points just to serve one common purpose: helping you to achieve your gymnastic goal and ensuring your full protection. Hesitate no more and admit now that it’s very important. Click order now to start drawing your goal into reality with our most spectacular gymnastics landing mats in 2017.

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