Top 10 Best Snowshoeing Poles for the Budget in 2020 Reviews

The most common material used in the production of trekking poles is carbon composite, 100% carbon, or aluminum, depending on which one you end up going with. Both of these materials are extremely strong and extremely durable, which is why the manufacturers can afford to market them with warranties. We’ve compiled a top 10 list of the best Snowshoeing poles on the market, and we considered materials used to make them, the manufacturer’s reputation, the customer ratings, and the features, as well as price and appearance. All of the items below are top-notch products from well trusted and known manufacturers that have been in the industry for years, and specialize in Snowshoeing poles!

10. Leki Journey Trekking Poles

LEKI Journey Trekking PolesGet it now on

Leki Journey Trekking Poles have a 4.8-star rating, and a lot of features for such a budget friendly trekking pole. You will get a product that is constructed in cooperation with professional mountain guides. Three section 7075 series heat treated aluminum shafts, that are adjustable allow you to open and shut them with one hand, and the PAS Soft Grip has an edges lift out allowing a variety of gripping options. Carbide Flextips Our replaceable and offer a very secure hold on all types of terrains and services. 27 inches in length, and made for all seasons. A known, high quality product. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option for your journeys, look no further.


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Tubbs has been around for over 50 years, making quality products, and they are a known industry leader. A well trusted manufacturer that uses high quality materials, you cannot go wrong buying from them. The TUBBS 3 PC POLES are rated high amongst previous buyers, have an adjustable length, and added security for uneven terrains. Made of 6000 series aluminum with carbon steel tips, these polls will get you through thick and thin out there in the snow!

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8. ALPS Mountaineering 7897423 Journey Trekking Pole

ALPS Mountaineering Journey Trekking PoleGet it now on

ALPS Mountaineering 7897423 Journey Trekking Pole is manufactured by ALPS, a reputable manufacturer that has been in the business for years. This Journey Trekking Pole is made of high quality 7075 aluminum. It has a foam and EVA grip, and an auto adjustable strap for easy and secure gripping, and a Tungsten Carbide Tip with Removable Protection Cap. This is a top-quality build from a trusted name in the industry. The ALPS Journey Trekking Pole has an extended length of 53”, and it includes a large accessory basket!

7. Yukon Charlies Pro Trekker II Adjustable All-Season Snowshoe Trekking Poles – 2014/2015 Model

Yukon Charlies Pro Trekker II Adjustable All Season Snowshoe Trekking Poles - 2014/2015 ModelGet it now on

The Yukon Charlies Pro Trekker II Adjustable All-Season Snowshoe Trekking Poles are made of lightweight 6000 series aluminum, and easy to adjust with fast lock levers for sure hold once adjusted. Ergonomically designed rubber comfort grip allows for a very comfortable grip for those long trips. Easily adjustable from 24 to 52 inches, these polls are designed for year-round use hiking or Snowshoeing and has changeable tips. A well-respected name in his industry, Yukon Charles backs up their work and takes pride in their products!

6. Atlas 2 Lockjaw Pole

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Atlas 2 Lockjaw Poles are 5-star rated by previous owners, crafted for comfort, and may just provide stability and convenience for all types of terrain. The Lockjaw Poles include gender specific grips, and a LOCKJAW adjustment mechanism that provides easy adjusting when you’re on the go. The over-center cam design will clamp securely and release effortlessly, for easy use and faster packing up. All around solid quality build, and the customer reviews are soaring!

5. Motion and Flow -Anti Fatigue Shock Absorbing 100% Carbon Fiber, Quick Lock Adjustable, Ultra-Light Trekking Poles for Trekking / Walking / Hiking /For Men / Women / Children

Motion & Flow 100% Carbon Fiber-Anti Fatigue Shock Absorbing, Quick Lock Adjustable, Ultra Light...Get it now on

Motion and Flow -Anti Fatigue Shock Absorbing 100% Carbon Fiber, Quick Lock Adjustable, Ultra Light Trekking Poles are manufactured by Motion and Flow Control Products, a company that has been around since 1960, and claim to have a “best-in-class” product line. These are lightweight and compact, excellent quality, extendable to 54 inches, and they have an EVA grip handle for comfort all day long. There’s 120 days no questions asked money back guarantee with a one year manufacturers warranty on defects. You couldn’t ask for a better product, and the Motion and Flow Trekking Poles have got exactly 5.0 stars! Perfect!

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4. Watauga Trekking Poles (Pair) – Collapsible Ultralight Hiking Sticks with Cork / EVA Grips & Flip Locks

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Watauga Outfitters have been delivering high-quality, field-tested gear at prices that have deliberately been affordable to just about anyone. Alex Oak, the founder of Watauga Outfitters says, “Enjoying what is freely available to mankind should not break the bank!” With 21 customer reviews, and a 4.6-star overall rating, these poles are great for walking, hiking, and ultralight backpacking. EVA foam grips for comfort, and easily adjust to fit any size person from the man of the family down to the kiddos. A 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty tell you that you’re buying a quality product here!

3. Atlas Elektra Lockjaw 3 Adjustable Poles

Atlas Women's Elektra 3 Piece Lockjaw PoleGet it now on

Atlas Elektra Lockjaw 3 Adjustable Poles are manufactured by the ATLAS Snowshoes Company, has been a well-respected manufacturer of snowshoes and accessories for over 25 years. Atlas is motivated to deliver the most technically advanced, high-performance snowshoes available today, and all of Atlas’s products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These poles are constructed using 7075 aluminum, which is considered above industry standard, and is the same metal use industries due to its superior strength! With a woman specific EVA foam grip, and a rating of 4.7 stars and a price to accommodate, the Elektra Lockjaw 3’s are sure to impress!

2. Leki Spark S Ski Pole

LEKI Spark S Ski PoleGet it now on

Made of 16mm carbon composite, the same material used in the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles and also the same material used in the brake systems of Formula One racing cars since 1976, carbon composite has thermal shock resistance, and is widely used in manufacturing anything that needs to resistant to high temperatures, or strong as nails. PA Security + Thermo Long Grip for warm, comfortable, gripping on this all-day venture. Touring/Backcountry Basket included and a long flex tip. The lock security strap is made of 60% rubber and 40% nylon for durability, you can trace the LEKI manufacturer history back to 1948, and they have long since been a respected name in camping, skiing, trailing, and backcountry sports products. LEKI offers a one-year manufacturer warranty on the carbon shaft trekking poles so, you can be assured that you are buying quality!

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1. Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

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This one jumped out at me, and I couldn’t help but noticing that it had 509 customer reviews, and is steady holding a 4.5-star rating. After doing a little bit more research, I found that these Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles are manufactured by Paria Outdoor Products. Paria Outdoor Products is a trusted name in the hiking, camping, and trekking poll industries. They are located out of Colorado, in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. All of Paria’s products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects. These poles are adjustable between 100, 120 cm with the flick of a wrist, and they fold down to 15 inches in length for easy storage. The ergonomic handle will absorb sweat all day and be comfortable through the longest and most vigorous of trips. Well, I did the math, and I estimated that the 4.5 star review out of 509 people is approximately 485 five-star reviews, so I don’t think you’re going to get a bad product here. I decided to put them in the spotlight!

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s going to be up to you what kind of gear you pack. We do extensive research to identify the best products on the open market in our reviews. We study the companies and/or manufacturers that are producing the products, find out their values, warranties, history, and industry reputation. We also study the materials they use to make the products, after which we pick apart customer reviews for hours, looking for common threads about defects or faults. All of the products in our top 10 reviews are of top quality, come from reputable manufacturers, and most of them come with at least a one-year, if not a lifetime warranty. As always, we have listed below the top overall pick, and the top budget pick! Safe trekking!

Best Overall Snowshoeing Poles:

Leki Journey Trekking Poles

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Best Overall Budget Snowshoeing Poles:


Leki Spark S Ski Pole

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