Top 10 Best Table Tennis Tables of 2021 Review

All work and no play is dangerous to your health. As part of your part-time work out, you can adopt a recreational game that you can play from your gaming room, office, outdoor, or in your man cave. One of the best games which require little gaming space is table tennis. There is a collection of table tennis tables to choose from. The tables differ in price, quality, and building specifications. The list below highlights some of the best professional table tennis boards that are available in the market as of 2021. Read below to find out the table tennis that you should get.

10. GoSports 6’x3’ Mid-Size Ping Pong Table Game

GoSports 6 x 3feet Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set - Indoor / Outdoor Portable Table Tennis Game with...Get it now on

The Go Sports mid-sized ping pong table is designed to deliver the ultimate fun and functional gaming experience. The smooth-surfaced table allows you to play from the game room, office, apartment, or any location of your choosing. The table is portable and lightweight. It can be folded for secure storage. It measures 6’x3’ when folded out for play and 3’ x 3’ x 4” when folded for storage. The table is designed with high quality and heavy-duty aluminum legs and frame ensure durability and sturdiness even during the competitive games. Unlike most tables, it comes as a complete set that contains all the accessories that you need to play.

9. STIGA Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95% Preassembled Out of the Box with...Get it now on

The STIGA Advantage Series Indoor Table Tennis Table is designed for all enthusiastic gamers. The lightweight table is built for recreational purposes in your location of choice. The lightweight table can be adjusted to a playback position to help you sharpen skills. the table’s independent chassis is composed of two separate table halves that can be used independently for alternative use at home or in the office. Extra security is added using the table’s safety latch system which holds it tight and safe from opening. The steel legs provide sturdy support for the table. The legs are adjustable to make the table leveled even on unlevelled gaming grounds.

8. JOOLA Midsize – Regulation Height Table Tennis Table Great for Small Spaces and Apartments

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great for Small Spaces and Apartments – Multi-Use Free...Get it now on

JOOLA is an Olympic tennis brand which has been available in the market for the past 60+ years. The table is designed for players of all levels and ages. The two halves can each stand independently allowing you to use either for other recreational purposes which include all poker and casino games. Setting up the table requires no expertise, and takes just a few minutes since it is 10% preassembled. The tables compact size allows you to play in areas with limited playing space. The table has strong foldable legs and a custom net set with a classic screw clamp design.

7. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

STIGA Space Saver - Mid-Size Portable Table Tennis Table - Compact Storage Fits in Most Closets –...Get it now on

The STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table is built with a scaled down size for an authentic play at regulation height and easy storage. Both halves of the table can be used independently for entertainment purposes. Its steel frame and legs are highly durable and provide a sturdy base during your games. The adjustable legs are also molded to protect your floor from scratches. Its smooth tabletop is made of a durable silkscreen striping whose quality is comparable to full-sized STIGA tables. The table includes a post system and a full net. Setting up the table is simple and can be completed within a few minutes.

6. JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set - Features Quick 10-Min Assembly, Playback Mode,...Get it now on

The JOOLA Inside table is designed for players of all levels and ages. The table is a competition-grade table and is approved by the USATT for exclusive playability. It is easy to set up within ten minutes or less. The table has a sleek frame which is strong enough to provide sturdy support during your gaming sessions. The table features a wood composite surface which enhances a lengthy, constant ball bounce. The table’s adjustable levers on its legs allow you to adjust the table to your desired height. 3″ caster wheels are available for additional stability. The table has anti-tilting locking devices for additional safety.

5. Butterfly Centerfold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Ping Pong Table | Indoor Rollaway Game Table | ITTF Approved Table Tennis...Get it now on

The Butterfly Centerfold table tennis is designed for game rooms and table tennis tournaments. The table features a single inch top with a scratch-proof top. The table has a 2.75” sturdy frame and 2” steel legs provides additional support, durability, and longevity. Setting up the table takes a few minutes to complete while folding it up takes much shorter. The table can be stored in limited spaces. Its 5” locking wheels make transportation from one location to another simple. Each Butterfly Centerfold table tennis table has a valid five-year warranty. The table comes with a Europe net set which is tournament approved.

4. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Outdoor Accessory Bundle: 2 Halo 5.0 Rackets,...Get it now on

The Kettler Champ 5.0 outdoor table is built to deliver durability and the best gaming experience for players of different ages, heights, and experience. The table has a non-glare waterproof aluminum surface making it ideal for all-weather and outdoor use. The galvanized steel legs are built to resist corrosion and survive for several years to come. The table has a patented locking feature which prevents accidental opening and closing. Users can enjoy an exclusive playback feature for more training space and time. The table comes with all the accessories you need to start your game. Each table purchase has free delivery and valid money-back guarantee.

3. Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Lockable Wheels and AccessoriesGet it now on

The Kettler Axos 2outdoor table tennis is one of the best table tennis built for the best outdoor and indoor gaming experience. The table features a waterproof composite tabletop with non-glare features and an ALU-TEC climate control on its underside. Frames and legs are coated using aluminum to reduce the chances of rusting, corrosion, and prolong the table’s life. Players enjoy intense and high impact playing on the tournament certified table. The table is foldable to a playback position to allow more training time. Folding both halves to a storage position is made simple by the table’s lockable wheels. Each table includes free accessories.

2. Barrington Fremont Collection Official Size Table Tennis Table

Barrington Billiards Fremont Collection Official Size Table Tennis Table, Black Top/Brown FrameGet it now on

The table is recommended for use in official table tennis tournaments. The full-size table features an 18mm playing space which ensures longevity and a great ball bouncing during a game. Setting up the table is simple, requiring no additional tools to set up. The table is built of unique and hardwood that blends easily with different home décor designs. The table is ideal for players of all age, height, and experience. The legs are held in place by sturdy wooden leg bolts for additional support during your games.

1. Cornilleau – Pro 510M Outdoor Table

Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Stationary Blue Table Tennis Table …Get it now on

The Cornilleau-Pro 510M outdoor table is ideal for outdoor and indoor gaming. As a wheelchair friendly chair, no members of your family or crew are left out of your tournament. The weatherproof table has a 7mm laminate surface with 10x glare reduction for the best gaming experience. The table’s galvanized steel frame is made to withstand different weather conditions and survive much longer. The stationery table can be transported to the location that of your choice. The waterproof table is designed to last for more years of indoor and outdoor gaming.


The products highlighted above are some of the best table tennis as of 2021. They are built with different specifications to suit your budget, tastes, fashion, and preferences. The tables listed above are durable and designed to comfortably fit in areas of limited space.

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