Top 10 Best Christmas Lights of 2022 Review

Christmas is almost here. You might be wondering what to get to make it spectacular and memorable for you and your family. Well, Christmas lights are some of the items to include in your shopping list. They will not only light up your home but also everyone’s mood.

There are many quality Christmas lights you can buy today. And each one of them will bring cheer and warmth throughout the holiday season. The manufacturers of these lights have used the latest technology to make sure that they are safe, fun, durable, and environmental-friendly. The manufacturers have also made sure that the lights are power-saving. You can opt to pick outdoor lights that can survive the harsh winter climate. You can opt for the multi-purpose lights. These can be used inside the house as well as on the outside. It is the ease with which you can install the lights that makes them even more appealing to every homeowner.

10. MZD8391 Fairly String light

MZD8391 200 LED String Lights, 82FT LED Color Changing White Warm White Fairy Lights, Dimmable...Get it now on

These are some of the best twinkle lights that you can buy. They come with three different color modes. The wires are heavily insulated. They are safe and usable outside the house. Your safety and the lights’ durability are further taken care of because the manufacturer has made them waterproof. The lights come with a 16 feet long cable, which guarantees that any function, whether inside or outside the house, will be colorfully decorated. You can easily operate the lights using a remote control.

9. Bluefire Meteor Shower Lights

BlueFire Upgraded 50cm 10 Tubes 540 LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights, Falling Rain Drop Christmas...Get it now on

Bluefire lights have helical tubes which have been designed using the latest technology. The tubes are transparent, and this makes the meteor shower lights spectacularly bright and attractive. With this purchase, you will get a total of 10 tubes, each with 54 LED lights. The length of each tube is 50 cm, and you should place them 40cm from each other. These rain lights use DC currents and are waterproof hence making them ideal for the outdoors.

8. Homeleo Christmas LED string lights

Homeleo 25.7 Ft 50 Led Color Changing String Lights, Battery Powered Star Fairy Lights with Timer...Get it now on

The Homeleo string lights are of a unique design. They allow you to choose the colors you prefer using a remote. With the remote, you can even control the brightness of the lights. The LED technology has been used in making them, and this makes them very beautiful all the time. Direct current is used to power the lights. A programmed sequence of 6 hours on followed by 18 hours off repeats until the AA batteries die. The total length of the wire is 7.85 meters, while the LED bulbs total to 50. These lights are easy to install and us in different functions.

7. Prextex Christmas Lights

Prextex 100-Count White Christmas Lights with White Wire, String Lights for Holiday Decorations,...Get it now on

These lights are easy to install and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They are relatively bright hence making them ideal for use even in bedrooms. The manufacturer has included an 18” lead wire and a 3” end connector, which makes the setting up job easy. There are 100 clear white lights in a single set. The string sets can be joined together with two flasher bulbs. You will also enjoy two extra bulbs and two extra fuses. It is a perfect buy because it is durable.

6. Forlux Solar String Lights

Foxlux Solar String Lights - 48 ft LED Outdoor String Lights - Shatterproof, Waterproof Pergola...Get it now on

The string lights are solar-based; hence, they can be used anywhere. The solar panel is large and takes 6 hours to charge fully. The lights automatically turn on at night and will serve you for 6 hours. The lights are waterproof and shatterproof. Therefore, they are durable, hence usable in almost any environment. Forlux has invested in safety bulbs and quality rubber, and this makes the lights hardy to use in your patio. The bulbs will serve you for 25,000 hours.

5. VanRayal Christmas LED Lights

VanRayal Upgrade C3 Christmas Tree Lights End-to-End Plug,50 LED 18ft Outdoor String Light Colored...Get it now on

These LED lights are weatherproof and come with a strawberry theme. You will get a total of 18 feet of the lights, extendable to 42 strands which totals to 756 feet. The manufacturer has included 50 LED lights, which can light up to 10,000 hours. Safety has been observed when making these lights. The materials used can’t release poisonous gases to the environment. They are made bearing in mind child safety. A child cannot accidentally get an electric shock by touching the lights.

4. JamBer Maple Leaves lights

Maple Leaves String Light, JamBer 8 Blinking Modes with Remote/7.4Ft/Waterproof 20LED Garland Fairy...Get it now on

The manufacturer has invested in making these string lights unique and beautiful. They resemble real maple leaves, and this helps at setting the perfect Christmas mood. The leaves are made using cloth, while the strings are PVC. The lights come with eight different but controllable modes. The set further allows you to pick, using the remote, the atmosphere you want at any time. The lights work for 6 hours at night and go off for 18 hours during the day. The battery-powered lights are practical to use both indoors and outdoors.

3. LampDream Snowflake Fairy Lights

Abkshine 25Ft 50 LED Snowflake String Lights Battery Operated, Waterproof 8 Modes Christmas Fairy...Get it now on

AA batteries are used to power these Christmas LED lights. You will find a combination of different modes to enjoy. The modes are Twinkle, Combination, In wave, Slo Glo, Steady on, Slow Fade, Flash, and Sequential. This purchase is white themed hence making it perfect for your Christmas mood. The total length of the wire is 25 feet, and the lead wire measures 19 inches. It can be operated using a remote control. It has been programmed to be on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours.

2. Pack StarBurst Sphere Lights

2 Pack Starburst Sphere Lights,200 Led Firework Lights, 8 Modes Dimmable Remote Control Waterproof...Get it now on

One of the best fireworks lights in the market is the Pack StarBurst. It sets the mood right for you and your family by including eight different modes whose brightness can be adjusted into ten levels. You will enjoy bright light coming from the many copper wires, each with 5 LED bulbs. The set is powered to last 10,000 hours and uses 4 AA batteries. It comes with hooks t it easy to use the lights on your patio or garden. Because these Christmas tree lights are waterproof, you will use them for a long time.

1. Twinkly LED String lights

Twinkly - TWS400STP 400 RGB Multicolor LED String Lights - App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with...Get it now on

These lights are like no other. The manufacturer enables you to use any surface to make your own customizable Christmas tree. You will do this using an app that can get installed on your Android or iOS phone. It is easy to use these lights on your patio, living room, or outside the house. All you need is to draw up your very own patterns and illuminate them on a surface. Google Assistant is also compatible with the Twinkly App hence making it user-friendly. With these lights, use your imagination fully to make your Christmas memorable and fun.


There is no reason for you to have a dull Christmas this year. There are many options available to you that will brighten up your house and make this festive season exciting and memorable. The above Christmas tree lights are affordable and easy to install and use. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a lover of cozy interiors, there is a light to sparkle your Christmas.

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